Apr 30, 2011

Capturing the Alfresco Lifestyle Perfectly...

The notion of alfresco living
is one that resonates so deeply 
for so many people,
as a dreamy way to live.
This elegantly sensuous house 
achieves a cosy connection with its garden, 
through the full height windows
which allow the verdancy outside to become an artwork.
The timber ceilings and warm toned palette
make this space a very comforting one.
While the landscaping layout gives a hint 
of what may just be inside...
...which is a carefully constructed palette of simplicity.
Do you love the rugged timber vanity 
as much as I do?
It's a great foil for the perfectly seamless floor.
Yep, I could face this happily every morning. 
See how the windows peel back from the corner,
to reveal a perfectly inviting alfresco lifestyle? 

Would you like to live here,
alfresco style?

Images & Agent details: Marshall White;
+ Australian Design Review.
Architects: Architects Eat.
Property address: 35 Wattle Valley Rd Canterbury Victoria

Apr 29, 2011

Golden Leaves in My Hallway...

In the midst of the most glorious Indian Summer
in Melbourne at the moment.
With golden, sunshiny days and crisp, clear star-filled nights, 
the leaves in the garden have started to turn for autumn.
So I couldn't resist bringing in branches
of this Liquid Amber tree, 
to enjoy the pretty colours in my hallway.
The seed pod, which fell from 
one of the palms
by the pool, 
is filled with little seeds from a 
New Zealand Christmas Bush
So it's a bit of an international botanical feast 
going on here! 
When my daughter saw this, she said,
"Are you trying to tell us summer is over?"
Well one season ends, another begins. 
I love them all! 
Whatever the weather is wherever you are, 
I hope it is a perfectly pretty weekend! 

All images taken by blue fruit

Apr 28, 2011

Delectable Duet: Texture and Detail

Have always loved contrasts of 
textures, whether in clothes or interiors,
where a wispy little edge of texture
can add just the perfect detail.
The Madame Rose collection,
by the young Pamela Usanto label,
plays with contrasts of fabric textures,
in delicate little details like lacy cuffs edging
chunky heavy silk
It's a contrast of rough and smooth: 
of dense fabric with delicate edges,
of pink suede heels with smooth floral satin,
of glossy dark timber veneer with matt white walls,
of coarse linen curtains with a silk brocade chaise,
which create this 
Delectable Duet 
of Texture and Detail. 

Images: Fashion Pamela Usanto, Melbourne, 2011 Madame Rose collection
Interiors: house sold recently at Victoria Street, Albert Park, Melbourne, 

Apr 27, 2011

Millionaires Walk...or would that be Stroll?

Perched high on a ridge at the 
edge of Melbourne's Port Philip Bay, 
lies an almost secret pedestrian pathway
called The Millionaires Walk.
It is a public pathway, 
with private houses on one side, 
and the spectacular bay on the other.
Most of the houses don't even have
fences, so it feels like you are walking
through a private garden.
All along the pathway, 
these beautiful rustic gates signal
the end of one garden...
...and the beginning of another.
The holiday houses represent 
many different architectural styles...
And all the while, 
there is the most amazing view across the bay...
...of private jetties complete with boat houses...
...little beach boxes...
..and the yachts which sail around the bay.
The land on each side of this walkway
is privately owned, but the little path
is public property.
Some of the beach houses are so close,
you can wave hello to the 
happy residents as they eat their breakfast.
I often wonder if they enjoy 
the walkers, 
as much as the walkers enjoy 
people~watching the residents.
And how does one enter this secluded 
Millionaires Walk past the holiday homes 
of some of Melbourne's oldest families?

Why, through this innocuous gate!
It looks like part of an ordinary fence, 
and is reached through an ordinary street, 
giving no clue to the magic views that lie within! 

All images taken by blue fruit Easter Weekend 2011
Millionaires Walk, Portsea to Sorrento

Apr 22, 2011

How to Apply Wit & Sensitivity to Architecture....

I have long been fascinated by repurposing 
old buildings to suit new needs.
And while church~to~home conversions 
pretty much divide opinions right in half, 
let's have a look at one that has been done well.
It's currently on the market,
in a pretty inner suburb of Adelaide,
and it is a former church hall. 
What I think works brilliantly here, 
is the constant gentle reference 
to the building's origins, 
yet done in a witty & respectful manner.
By painting the door fire engine red, 
they are drawing attention 
to its history. 
With tongue firmly in cheek.
The same doors, but from the interior view, 
are now seen in pristine white. 
White has been used as a foil
for the bright punches of orange and red,
and forms a wonderful backdrop to 
the impressive artwork ~ many of which have an 
almost religious reference to them. 
Subtle. Clever.
The little steplights in the lower part 
of the wall create the feeling of candlelight, 
again a reference to the building's history.
An obvious love of mid century modern 
furniture in the study. 
Love that desk!
While the little pew under the window, 
and the all~white colour scheme, 
again reminds us where we are. 
Plenty of options for outdoor living here!
Even a little tiki bar thing going on, 
should refreshment be required. 
{See the garage door on the right?
Now that's something you don't see on most church halls!}
They could have gone all out with the fence,
using an historical shape.
But I love the fact that they kept it simple,
allowing the building to take centre stage instead.
And they made sure that all visitors 
are aware of the provenance of this bluestone beauty,
by keeping the fabulous stone plaque. 

What do you think?
Would you like to live here?
Or does a church to home conversion 
feel uncomfortable to you?

Images & Agent details: Klemich
Property location: 3 Castle St, Parkside, South Australia
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