Mar 30, 2011

Delectable Duet: Gold and Grey

Just a hint of gold to add luxe
to an otherwise edgy charcoal grey.
Maybe it is the swirling autumn winds outside, 
but I am loving this palette right now. 
Definitely a delectable duet! 

Images: 1: Dress by Gwendolynne Design
2: Bedding by Bella Notte Linens

Mar 29, 2011

The beauty of Stone and Timber never fades...

Always drawn to the timeless 
charm of natural materials in architecture.
Especially stone and timber.
And preferably, combined, so that 
a contrast between the two 
plays off the 
inherent beauty of each.
The stones can be massive, 
as in this dining room at the new Fasuano Hotel...
...Or small, as used in the entrance to the same hotel.
Naturally weathered, but very lineal, timber 
enhances the golden tones of sandstone,
in this very structured design. 
Knobbly timber, played off against
"contained" square pillars of stone.

These gates are amazing, aren't they?
They are made by a local Melbourne 
landscaper, Greg Hatton. 
In another garden by Greg Hatton, 
a twisting piece of driftwood 
forms the weathered handrail, 
again contrasting with the 
stonework which is both random, 
yet contained, within its concrete mortar.
The organic nature of timber and stone
is exaggerated here, in the organically shaped pool,
by architect Max Pritchard.
So why am I obsessing with stone and timber?
Because I have just begun a new project
of a house built high on a hill, 
overlooking a bay. 
And what could be more alluring, 
or a better reflection of all this beauty,
than gorgeous stone and timber?

Images: 1 & 2: Great Southern Lodge resort at Kangaroo Island, 
by Max Pritchard architect.
3 & 4: Fasuano Hotel Punat del Este, brought to my attention by 
5: The Sands golf club, Torquay;
6 & 7: Greg Hatton landscape elements;
8: private house by Max Pritchard;
9: Stephen Shadley design for Jennifer Aniston's home.

Mar 25, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood must Live here....

If you found a house
with a beautiful cherry red door,
do you think 
Red Riding Hood might live behind it?
If she did, she wouldn't have 
to worry about the wolf popping 
into the kitchen. 
Because I don't believe that wolves
climb into skylights. 
Do they?
She could ask some other 
fairytale friends over for a bbq...
With a gorgeous timber floor,
and that amazing timber door, 
it has a bit of a forest feel.
And that fireplace would be 
perfect for gathering around to 
read fairy stories.  
 Multiple mirrors in the bathroom
play with perspective, 
so there are 2 gardens to admire 
from the bathtub. 
Yep, I can imagine Little Red
living very happily in this beautiful house,
which is for sale in leafy South Yarra, Melbourne.

Would you like to experience the fairytale 
and live here?

Agent & Property details: Kay & Burton, South Yarra.

Mar 24, 2011

Flowers and Stripes

I popped into one of my favourite 
suppliers this morning, 
to find some fabrics & wallpaper for the 
house with the stripes.
These are hot off the press, 
or perhaps that should be "hot off the loom",
and are part of a gorgeous new range this year.
Aren't they stunning?
And speaking of stunning, 
here is how progress is progressing 
on the stripes...
The wonderfully patient painter, Steve,
has now completed the first wall.
And he is still smiling!
He hasn't gone crackers yet!
Every time I walk into this room, 
it is like a burst of sunshine ~ 
so perfect for a house by the beach!

Images: blue fruit

Mar 20, 2011

Sunshine in the Garden...

Yesterday I got to play for almost 
the whole day in the garden.
There were chillies to harvest.
Globe artichokes to cut.
{I let this one flower first because 
it is just SO pretty!}
Hedges to clip.
Sunny spots to bask in.
Happy~face flowers to say hello to.
Beds to weed, 
especially after all the rain!
Roses to pick, to arrange in milk bottles...
and to dry with cinnamon sticks 
for pot pourri bowls. 
And in the afternoon, 
as a reward, it was just beautiful 
to stretch out by the pool...
And enjoy a moment in the autumn sun,
dining al fresco!

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful sunny 
weekend too.

Mar 18, 2011

Sakura wishes for Japan

I know this is the bloggers' day of silence, 
but I felt that it would be ok 
to break the silence, 
to let this voice be heard. 

Chika lives in Nagano, Japan, and 
she writes a very pretty foodie/ travel blog 
Her heartbreaking message on twitter
says so much.

Chika has set up a competition
to encourage people to help support
Japan, in any way we can. 
And as a gesture of thanks, 
she is giving away the most beautifully 
poignant symbol of spring,
the sakura, or cherry blossom,
in the form of sakura baking ingredients.
So far, she has raised over $4,000.

As Chika says, 

"There is this old saying in Japanese, "winter always turns to spring". Even when the life is hard, we will not give up hope and hold out until it gets warm and things ease up. That's exactly where we stand now, except we must make every efforts to make winter turn to spring."

So what could be more symbolic than the 
beautiful cherry blossom of Japan? 

Go here or here to find details about Chika's
campaign and competition.

With wishes that spring is just around the corner for Japan.

Mar 17, 2011

Inspired by a touch of Green for St Patrick's Day...

Green is one of those colours
which elicit a strong emotional response.
This fascinating colour,
represented in nature in 
millions of variations of tone,
evokes variations of emotion 
depending on its hue.
The seawater~green pendant light
and the lime~leaved flowers,
bring a kiss of marine freshness 
to a demure grey and ivory scheme.
From the same hotel {Crown, Melbourne}
more kisses of green are used like sophisticated jewels
against the rich, dark masculine tones.
 And are lightened in the pool area, 
with a playfulness captured in the cushions.
Serene, yes?
From serene to wild!
In a witty modern interpretation of 
a dry cleaning shop.
A vibrant lime yellow/green positively
jumps against the elegant charcoal, 
to instantly grab the attention of 
shoppers strolling by. 
While a pale pistachio green evokes
a sense of gilded aged delicacy, 
with a fragile beauty that speaks glowingly,
as if illuminated from within. 
Emerald and kelly green scream out 
"I'm alive!"
While earthy greens are warmer and quieter.
A glazed, barely~there watery green 
creates a still atmosphere, 
one of repose and thought,
in this restaurant by Hecker Guthrie.

 And perfect to quiet oneself at the end 
of the day, in this hotel in Brisbane,
the little green cabinet uses the same 
hue of watery sea green.

So, with a different hue of green, 
we get a different emotional response.
Clever little colour, isn't it?
I think the Irish are onto something! 

Images: 1 bathroom by Austin & Associates, Melbourne; 2 & 14 source unknown;
3,4 & 5 Crown Hotel, Melbourne; 6,7,& 8 Maurice Dry Cleaners, Sydney, by Snell design;
9 Bando headband; 10 via flickr; 11 & 18 Mor Cosmetics; 12 South of Market; 13 & 15  Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011 opening party; 16 Grace the Establishment, Adelaide, by Hecker Guthrie; 17 Spicers Balfour Hotel, by Coop Creative
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