Feb 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Today is Chinese New Year, 
which means we need 
to celebrate 
the Year of the Rabbit!
As a fun twist on the theme, 
how about an Alice in Wonderland inspired
White Rabbit Tea Party?
We could serve lots of yummy food
on tea plates...

And have some fun with a
 Rabbit and Time themed menu.
Set the table with mismatched china,
grab a crazy assortment of chairs, 
and make the guests 
"change places" between courses. 

And we could make some fun place cards, 
like these ones. 

Would you like to come to the 
White Rabbit Tea Party?

Images: all graphics by Blue Fruit; 
peeping rabbit from me to you tumblr;
tea plate from Sanderson Hotel, London;
cherry pavlova recipe;
tea party sculpture Anthropologie;


  1. Your invites are so adorable, love them!

  2. Marvelous idea! My 4-year-old would get so geeked, she'd probably pass out.

  3. Fantastic idea, lovely post.
    That lime tart with lemoncello looks delicious, I'll try this weekend.

  4. How CUTE! Love this party concept, and your styling ideas! XO

  5. Great idea!
    Cherry cake looks divine :)

  6. I would love to! Happy chinese new year. xx

  7. Such a cute idea for a Chinese New Year party :) Well done girl xo

  8. Lovely! I do like a tea party..of any sort!

  9. I heart afternoon tea parties! The three tier tower is so pretty.

  10. Oh, I love a tea party :)
    You have a lovely blog!
    gi gi

  11. I would totally come! This was so whimsical and fun :) Your rabbit theme here is so awesome it could quickly go rabid! Ha :D XOXO

  12. Gong Hei Fard Choy. I love your idea for the party. I'll be right over:)...Carol

  13. I'd love to come! so cute! :)

  14. Oh how FUN! What a "Wonderfully" creative party theme - I love a tea party I would definitely want to attend this one.... : )

  15. I loved this Post!! What a great Idea for the Tea Party! Fantastic!

  16. Ooh, I would love to come to such a soiree. Tea parties are so much fun. I'm hosting an afternoon tea for my girlfriends this weekend and I would love that cake stand with those mini clock tarts. Somehow my squid cake wouldn't fit it on such an occasion! Thank you for your comment on it though :)


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