Feb 24, 2011

A little glamour with your cocktail?

With more than a touch of nostalgia, 
the new collection by Paule Ka 
has me gasping from the sheer beauty of it all...
And when combined with 
a mid century modern backdrop such as this....
well, what can a glamourous girl do but fall in love?
The ad campaign was shot at the Jorgenson-Mavis House,
designed in 1955 by Palm Beach society architect 
William F. Cody, at Rancho Mirage, California. 
It was one of the first "Desert Modernist" houses,
and was well-known as a party house with neighbours such as 
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz popping in for cocktails.

Gorgeous & all so very feminine. 
Any of these outfits tickle your fancy?

Jorgenson-Mavis house available for holiday rental: beaumonde villas.  


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I was quite excited to have a visitor from Australia. Your blog is delightful as well. I love the dresses! Perfect for spring!

  2. Gorgeous cocktail dresses. I'm so ready for Spring so that i can don some beautiful dresses:-). Fab post! XX

  3. We're so into that yellow of the armchairs right now. Gorgeous prickly succulents and cactus, bright blue sky, dry and stylish.... bring us our cocktails Jeeves!

  4. I was not familiar with this collection - just beautiful - elegant, nostalgic and modern all at once. And of course love the classic house!!

  5. That house is amazing! I adore it!

    And I am loving the chartreuse cocktail dress...

  6. All so pretty, the first and the last are my favorites.
    Lovely post, congratulations.

  7. super gorgeous! im loving this! xxo

  8. Lovely images. I'm anxiously waiting to have some warmer days.

    P.S. Have a fantastic weekend.

  9. What an amazing photospread!! I love your blog! Would you like to follow eachother? That way we can keep in touch :)



  10. Stunning house and wonderful clothes, I am craving a warm enough climate to be glamorous in..

  11. Fabulous Virginia! Just off to lose 10kgs. & grow 20cm.!
    Millie x

  12. Seriously Virginia - I want every single one of those outfits, and the house to go with them. C


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