Feb 23, 2011

Just a touch of brick...

Just the littlest touch of brick 
brings a little whimsy to this light-filled kitchen.
Under a disciplined eye, a contrast of materials
can enhance the individual beauty of each texture.

Reminds me of the gorgeous contrast 
of textures between the metal fireplace surround 
and the limed timber wall in Jamie Larry's home.

And of this amazing bouquet of fruit & flowers
by Grandiflora ~ which is a RIOT of textural contrast
{and a colour kaleidoscope too!}

So ~ back to our brick kitchen...
Such a warm and bright space with great textural contrast.
Do you love it too?

2: Jamie Larry's home via picasa


  1. I do :) I put a touch of brick in the kitchen of the last home we built. Brick on or in homes is timeless, classic and just meant to last!

  2. Love the touch of brick. It's something that could definitely sell me on a place if I found it. Love your blog.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting, your blog is just lovely, I have a tad of blog envy!:)

  4. Yes, i do. I always love the warm texture that a touch of brick adds to a space. XX

  5. well...
    first of all,
    i am so happy to come over and meet you.
    you have a stunning blog.

    the fruit and flowers are beautiful.
    and that hood over the stove is tripped out.

  6. Love the metal work for the fireplace. What type of metal is it?

    1. hi kurtis. i wondered that myself, but i couldn't find any details about it. looks like some type of acid-corroded steel though.


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