Feb 14, 2011

Dreamy Bedrooms

With today being the day for love, what could 
be more lovely than dreamy bedrooms?
So, here are some absolutely gorgeous ones...
Feminine with an industrial edge...
The drama of black...
Rustic textures from timber...
Homage to the beloved Chanel No. 5!
Something about a 4 poster that just works,
at the Tigerlilly Hotel in Edinburgh...

And the palest of pale smokey blue
in a wonderfully buttoned bedhead. 

All beautiful, dreamy bedrooms!
Which one would give you the sweetest of dreams?

Images: 1: house for sale at Toorak, via realestate.com.au; 
2: Loft living via Mia Casa;
3: via Signed by Tina;
4: Brown Dress with White Spots tumblr;
5: house for sale at Caulfied via realestate.com.au;
6: Tigerlilly Hotel, Edinburgh;
7: Miha Mahei Photography;
8: unknown source


  1. 0h Yes they are truly beautiful, each and everyone of them!
    My personal favourite though must be that first bedroom. I love, love, love the curtains hanging down on the floor, they have the perfect lenght. Also love the textured floors, looks so soft and inviting and the light colors. It has a very feminine and luxurious feeling to it!
    Happy Valentine´s Day!
    Ps. I´m so glad you ejoyed my posting about Blue! You are so sweet!

  2. Isn't it funny how everyone see's things differently. Tina say's her favourite is the first one - yet, for me, the first one looks like a scene from a horror movie. You know, when the music turns creepy and the bed starts spinning.

    I would go with the last one. Those colours just suit me (and match my pj's). I'm practical .. a virgo - what can I say.

    Thanks for your amazing comment today. Hope dinner was restaurant quality tonight (-:

  3. Olá Virgínia! Por acaso temos o mesmo nome e também gostamos de decoração, só que eu não tenho formação nessa área, mais ainda terei essa oportunidade. Adorei sua visita e já me tornei seguidora do seu blog que por sinal é lindo! Adorei os quartos, amo colchas bonitas e tudo mais. O seu país é lindo! Nunca visitei, conheço por imagens da net e tv. Mil beijos e aguardarei sempre sua visita, tenha uma ótima semana! Virginia - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  4. The last one, most definitely! Add a pot of tea and a tabby and I could spend the day there quite happily : )

  5. Feminine drama over restrained rustic flashy beloved pale poster buttons! I Love Them All! XOXO

  6. A smart post, Virginia!

    The smokey blue! I like the color, the texture and I always love soft headbords and white bed linen.

    Happy Valentine's to you!

    ox, Mon

  7. It's a dreary, rainy day in Vancouver and the beds all look like they could be perfect for cuddling in with a book and maybe a glass of champagne to celebrate the day.


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