Feb 2, 2011

Concrete benches and charcoal grey

An outdoor fireplace for winter
and cool blue water for summer? 
Oh yes please, this garden could be 
a place I could happily live in all year long.
Deliciously snuggled in the
Melbourne bayside suburb of Brighton, 
this stunning Edwardian home is on the market. 
And to complete this sophisticated
little treasure of a house, 
there are concrete benches in the kitchen. 

Could you imagine living here too?

renovation by Dales Jones-Evans


  1. I definitely could!! what an incredible home!
    thanks so much for popping by so I could discover your blog - it's lovely! xo

  2. Not so sure about the concrete benches (wouldn't they be cold!) but I am loving that pool!

  3. you are so right. wonderful grays. that's one thing I've found - grays work equally well in traditional AND modern settings. (I'm a sucker for concrete gray!)


  4. Yes, I could absolutely and very happily live there. I do find the inside of the house to be a little incongruous with the inside. If I was walking down the street I would not expect to see such a fabulous modern interior...carol

  5. I LOVE the outlook from that bathroom. I could soak in that tub for hours. Great find (-:

  6. I dream with an outdoor fireplace, have to convince hubby.

  7. Love the clean simplicity of this space (+ am now completely jealous of the amazing blooms from your garden! Right now mine is completely covered in snow!)

  8. Such a nice combination of traditional exterior with razor sharp modern interiors, I've always been a fan of concrete when it's used well in design. I'd love a garden, leave alone a pool and outdoor fireplace!

  9. I've never wanted to be a bench warmer so bad!! I'm a total team player when it comes to living well and enjoying life :) Gorgeous post!


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