Feb 24, 2011

A little glamour with your cocktail?

With more than a touch of nostalgia, 
the new collection by Paule Ka 
has me gasping from the sheer beauty of it all...
And when combined with 
a mid century modern backdrop such as this....
well, what can a glamourous girl do but fall in love?
The ad campaign was shot at the Jorgenson-Mavis House,
designed in 1955 by Palm Beach society architect 
William F. Cody, at Rancho Mirage, California. 
It was one of the first "Desert Modernist" houses,
and was well-known as a party house with neighbours such as 
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz popping in for cocktails.

Gorgeous & all so very feminine. 
Any of these outfits tickle your fancy?

Jorgenson-Mavis house available for holiday rental: beaumonde villas.  

Feb 23, 2011

Just a touch of brick...

Just the littlest touch of brick 
brings a little whimsy to this light-filled kitchen.
Under a disciplined eye, a contrast of materials
can enhance the individual beauty of each texture.

Reminds me of the gorgeous contrast 
of textures between the metal fireplace surround 
and the limed timber wall in Jamie Larry's home.

And of this amazing bouquet of fruit & flowers
by Grandiflora ~ which is a RIOT of textural contrast
{and a colour kaleidoscope too!}

So ~ back to our brick kitchen...
Such a warm and bright space with great textural contrast.
Do you love it too?

2: Jamie Larry's home via picasa

Feb 21, 2011

A new home for the Jetsons...

When I lived in London, 
a favourite walk on Saturdays
was through beautiful Holland Park,
to feed the squirrels & let the 
children have a riotous good time 
in the amazing playground.
And on the surrounding streets, 
there were some fabulous properties. 
This extraordinary one, 
at Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill,
is currently for sale. 
Designed by the London architecture firm
Richard Hywel Evans,
and built a few years ago, 
this is a space~age inspired penthouse. 
The Jetson family would love it!
Hmm... the rounded glass matches the windows...
The penthouse has actually been built on top of
2 adjoining {1930s} apartment blocks, 
and is joined by a double storey glass bridge.
Which looks amazing at night. 
Even the entrance is dramatic, 
although MUCH more subtle than the apartment.
The stainless steel frame becomes a 
strong visual element internally. 
There is much to adore about this home:
the curvaceous lines, the fabulous light.
I also love the glossy floors, 
which are seamless epoxy,
sprinkled with bronze dust during the drying process.

What do you think?
Could you imagine living here?

Images from Property agents: Pereds
Image 8: Bjarte Rettedal photographer

Feb 16, 2011

Breakfast with a view...

Imagine sharing breakfast with 
the kookaburras here.
I think if I lived here, 
I might spend all my time 
sitting on this glorious deck.
It's so cool that it even has a table
built in around the columns.
Of course, if it rained, 
you could retreat in here with a 
snapping log fire.
Even cooking breakfast would 
be a scenic treat ~ with such a view!
I love the flash of yellow against the white and chocolate.

Would you like to share breakfast here
with the kookaburras?

House for sale at Eltham {Melbourne}.
Agent details: Barry Plant

Feb 14, 2011

Dreamy Bedrooms

With today being the day for love, what could 
be more lovely than dreamy bedrooms?
So, here are some absolutely gorgeous ones...
Feminine with an industrial edge...
The drama of black...
Rustic textures from timber...
Homage to the beloved Chanel No. 5!
Something about a 4 poster that just works,
at the Tigerlilly Hotel in Edinburgh...

And the palest of pale smokey blue
in a wonderfully buttoned bedhead. 

All beautiful, dreamy bedrooms!
Which one would give you the sweetest of dreams?

Images: 1: house for sale at Toorak, via realestate.com.au; 
2: Loft living via Mia Casa;
3: via Signed by Tina;
4: Brown Dress with White Spots tumblr;
5: house for sale at Caulfied via realestate.com.au;
6: Tigerlilly Hotel, Edinburgh;
7: Miha Mahei Photography;
8: unknown source

Feb 10, 2011

Al Fresco Dining

Currently working on a few
gorgeous garden designs 
with Al Fresco dining spots.
So in my research, I have come across 
a few lovely spots that make 
"lunch in the garden"
very inviting. 
 A little bit of shade, 
some comfy chairs with a BIG table,
good friends, food and wine. 
Hmm...looks pretty inviting really, 
doesn't it?

Images: 1 &2: Villa de Murph by Bell and Yocum Architects;  3: Tremolat Barn for rental, via Homeaway; 4 {byron bay} & 10 {paddington} houses for sale through realestate.com.au; 5: via Nuevo Estilo; 6: Macakizi hotel, Turkey;  7: La Marie de Bastide hotel, France; 8: Lartigolle Chateaux; 9: dining in Venice, via Magtravel 

Feb 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Today is Chinese New Year, 
which means we need 
to celebrate 
the Year of the Rabbit!
As a fun twist on the theme, 
how about an Alice in Wonderland inspired
White Rabbit Tea Party?
We could serve lots of yummy food
on tea plates...

And have some fun with a
 Rabbit and Time themed menu.
Set the table with mismatched china,
grab a crazy assortment of chairs, 
and make the guests 
"change places" between courses. 

And we could make some fun place cards, 
like these ones. 

Would you like to come to the 
White Rabbit Tea Party?

Images: all graphics by Blue Fruit; 
peeping rabbit from me to you tumblr;
tea plate from Sanderson Hotel, London;
cherry pavlova recipe;
tea party sculpture Anthropologie;
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