Jan 31, 2011

Marvelous Monday

After a glorious weekend of sunshine, 
it's back to work today with a flurry of projects
to attend to, drawings to finish
and beautiful materials to source.
But I can't help thinking just how perfect 
the new Country Road collection 
is for a busy work day. 

This collection has just the right note 
of femininity and confident style 
for a perfect day at the office!
{And any one of these offices
would be pretty perfect too, 
don't you think?}

Images: Country Road new season collection;
gold desked home office via house and home;
office with a tree by Lerkenfeldt Photography;
yellow & gold office from Ugly Betty set via interiors.net.

Jan 28, 2011

A Coastal, Summery Weekend

Looking forward to a gloriously 
summery, sunny weekend in Melbourne.
Just the kind of long golden days 
that beg to be spent by a languid pool,
or perhaps in a treehouse by the water...
With days this beautiful, 
why not dance around the pool?

Images: 1.Alannah Hill collection; 2.treehouse restaurant experience, in the Dining Pod 
at 6 Senses, Thailand; 3. photo by Mortum Holton; 
4.Beach house in Alabama by Riber Stern architect; 5.photo by Jean Philippe Piter; 
6. Jill Sandler handbag; 7. photo by Miha Matai Photography

Jan 25, 2011

Dining by candlelight by a rock....

Utterly romantic to dine by candlelight
at this unique hotel in Turkey, 
which has been carved from the surrounding 
beautiful rocky cliffs.
The Yunak Evleri 
is known as a "cave hotel", 
with some of the bedrooms 
originally carved out in the 5th century.
Unique, and perfectly, inescapably, romantic. 

Images: Yunak Evleri 5 star hotel;

Jan 20, 2011

Lavender grey

Days of sunshine and the buzzing of bees...
it must be the height of summer 
and the lavender season....

At the charming Lavendula Farm
{near Daylesford, Victoria}
the scent of lavender is intoxicating. 
Oh, such a rich, all-enveloping delicious aroma!

But as I wandered around this feast 
for the senses, I was reminded 
just how lovely this colour can be.

Offset with a little grey
and perhaps a dash of green, 
it really is an elegant colour, 
don't you think?  

 Images at Lavandula Farm, Daylesford, by blue fruit. 
Other images: 1950s dress via myvintagevogue; handbag by Kate Spade; purple Chanel silk dress, runway collection 2010; mini pavlova with lavender cream via Sur la table; purple teacup from Everything Stops for Tea; via tumblr; lavender and mint soap by Inner Earth Soaps; Jasper Conran carryalls for Tripp Luggage; ring by Harry Winston; lavender grey dress: image by Jeana Sohn via tumblr

Jan 18, 2011

Burnished copper

 Russet tones of burnished copper,
spiced bronze and ginger-flecked silk
make for a sumptuous combination
in this richly-toned house at Kew, Melbourne.

 It creates a sense of calm, 
don't you think?

Jan 17, 2011

An interview with Blue Fruit by Inspired Designer...

The wonderful and clever Kristin from the Inspired Designer
has featured me in an interview 
on her fabulous blog.

You can read it here {or scroll down to the interview copied below.}

And then, to top off my day, the always stylish and encouraging
Charlotta from Space for Inspiration 
has nominated Blue Fruit for a Stylish Bloggers Award.

What a start to my week
and thank you 
to these 2 warm and wonderful ladies.

Do check out their own blogs 
because they are both 

Interview from Inspired Designer below....


Jan 16, 2011

Cosy Sunday corners for reading

On a lovely quiet Sunday, 
{and for Melbourne a treat to see the sun shine 
instead of the incredible deluge of rains}
perhaps there is nothing more indulgent
than to curl up with a lovely magazine or treasured book
in a fabulously luxe reading corner.
Well, I would love to curl up just here,
in this beautiful spot!

Images: 1,6: kmldesign; 2: The White House, Daylesford; 3; vintage ad for Arrow Collars via Flickr; 4: house for sale at 2 Seacombe St Brighton, Victoria; 5: via
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