Jul 7, 2010

The fence goes up at Lochwinnoch...

Landscaping has begun in earnest at the new Lochwinnoch build,
and the brush fence has just been completed 
on the front boundary. 

Posts and foundation going in...

And here is the finished brush fence, 
which is a ti-tree brush from Kangaroo Island, 
handwoven into wires to create a fabulous textured wall.

How gorgeous is the lime-green Ginko tree 
to the right of the front door? 
The house has been gently constructed around this tree, 
and not only has it survived the building process,
it has never looked this good! 
Must be all the compost and rainwater, 
which is supplied from tanks at the rear, 
holding 50,000 litres of garden-loving moisture 
for the hot Australian summers.

images :: blue fruit

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