Jul 23, 2010

Yellow - zesty freshness.

Funny how working on particular projects
can spark an obsession with a particular colour.
At the moment, my passion is yellow:-
...mustardy, earthy muted gold...
...fresh summery bright yellow...
...acidic sharp lemon with a bite.
This has all sprung about because I am working on a 
house snuggled next to the beach, 
which drew inspiration from the Mid Century Modern 
houses of the Palm Springs style in its original architecture. 
Blue Fruit is extending it and reworking it to suit 
the personalities and lifestyle of its new owners, 
as well as to showcase the fantastic Danish furniture 
collection that lives in the house. 

So I have been sourcing materials 
which reflect the colours of the beach, 
the freshness and sophistication of the 1950s and 1960s, 
with a touch of whimsy thrown in.

Teamed up with various hues of grey 
(in this case in charcoal-stained floorboards 
and pewter-toned walls) 
a flash of sunny yellow will bring 
just the right touch of cheeky tonic to the space.

Here are some wonderful images 
that evoke all the glamour of yellow...

Ah, so beautiful and so elegantly lively.
Do you feel strongly about this colour?

Photo credits: 1 ,2 & 6. myvintagevogue.com; 3. printinkstudio.com
7. marthastewartweddings.com  8. unknown (sorry I have lost my reference!) 
9,10 & 11. Palm Springs Modern makeover, via New York Times
12. Setting at the fabulous London house lordshippark.com

Jul 7, 2010

The fence goes up at Lochwinnoch...

Landscaping has begun in earnest at the new Lochwinnoch build,
and the brush fence has just been completed 
on the front boundary. 

Posts and foundation going in...

And here is the finished brush fence, 
which is a ti-tree brush from Kangaroo Island, 
handwoven into wires to create a fabulous textured wall.

How gorgeous is the lime-green Ginko tree 
to the right of the front door? 
The house has been gently constructed around this tree, 
and not only has it survived the building process,
it has never looked this good! 
Must be all the compost and rainwater, 
which is supplied from tanks at the rear, 
holding 50,000 litres of garden-loving moisture 
for the hot Australian summers.

images :: blue fruit
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