Jan 15, 2010

Playing with Light - Olafur Eliasson exhibition

While on a gorgeous summer holiday break to Sydney this week, I was inspired and delighted by the fantastic Olafur Eliasson exhibition on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art until April.

If you are anywhere near Sydney and love how light can be manipulated to play with 3 dimensional space, do check it out.

You enter the exhibition through this fabulous tunnel above, which is like walking through Alice in Wonderland's dream world.

This mirrored box with a yellow perspex circle is lined up with the Sydney Opera House, to get a really tongue in cheek version of a telescope - wonderfully happy view!

Rooms with different themes, from his exhibitions over the last 16 years, are lots of fun. My favourite was walking through a tunnel, enticingly darkly lit, with walls and ceiling of textured shapes, into a darkened cool space, where a fine mist of cooling waterspray cascaded down one blackened wall to create a rainforest effect of watery enchantment.
A white spotlight on this waterspray created the image above. People stood transfixed, utterly silent except for the sounds of the water spray. Magical!

Unlike most exhibitions, this one encouraged participation in a room entirely devoted to the possibilities of white lego! People (adults as much as children) were eager to build organic and sweeping white forms, in the "Cubic Structural Evolution Project". Interesting, to see how entirely engrossed people were in creating architectural fantasies.
Just goes to show how much architecture is a part of our psyche.
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