Nov 11, 2009

The most beautiful, Garden Inspired Front Entrances

Do you love to wander down a
front entrance to a house that is enticing
exciting and a feast for the senses
I love an entrance to a house that is a JOURNEY
not just a path from point A to point B.
Front entrances which elegantly meld together the
garden style + the architecture of the house 
- like this gorgeous entrance -
are especially effective.

I want to explore 
what is around the corner to the right.
 The architecture of the house is revealed slowly
layer by layer.
Then there are the garden gate entrances, 
where you have a sense of entering a private, secret garden 
- yours alone to explore. 
Where is Polyanna in this gated garden?
For a really fun filled journey, 
this pathway, part of the glorious Turtle Creek 
gardens by celebrated landscape architects 
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in New York, 
provides a sense of Peter Pan adventure. 
While this isn't the front entrance to a house, 
wouldn't it be a groovy one?
And another pathway from the same
Turtle Creek garden, is refreshing and calming. 
I do so want to skip down those steps....
Sometimes, it is the combination of colours and 
textures that make an entrance work. 

In this image, it is the black door contrasted 
with the white flowers and the lush green foliage 
that captures the drama
while the brick paving adds a rustic, 
friendly invitation to come in. 

In a beach setting, a more casual atmosphere 
makes the visitor immediately feel 
both relaxed and welcomed. 

I love the use of grey and white at the beach - it mirrors 
the colour of driftwood that has such a charming texture.
And for a really elegant, yet still fun journey, 
it would be lovely to walk along this curved path. 
It's a work of art by the landscape architects
at the Mt Eliza based
Linton La Fontaine Garden Architecture group. 
I can image that children, 
and perhaps adults when nobody was watching, 
would be skipping around the path quite happily!

images :: 1/2 : woodway residency by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
3: lost source.  4/5/6/7: turtle creek garden
8/9 :  10: linton la fontaine
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