Mar 20, 2013

Would you like to live here? A Victorian terrace with a contemporary touch by Nic Owen Architects...

Take a Victorian terrace house,
on the heritage register,
tucked into a pretty little street in East Melbourne.
Add the considered eye of young firm Nic Owen Architects,
a willingness to build with integrity and quality,
lots of beautifully detailed junctions and simple finishes,
and the result is a home which cherishes the old while celebrating the new.
This house is no stranger to the world of the public eye,
as it was a finalist in last year's Houses awards in the heritage section.
But it's now on the market, 
so let's have a look to see if you may like to live here...

Some very clever and thoughtful detailing in this joinery
of the bookshelves and desk.
The stone wall is a wonderful contrast with the polished concrete floor, too:
contrasting the old style with the new. 

It's a warm and welcoming house,
ready for the new owners to place their own stamp on it with their furniture,
but the design is confident enough to hold its own without dominating.

Would you love to live here?

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  1. Love the living area with the mix of plywood, brick and slick marble. The only bit I don't like is the bedroom, which seems a little bit of a walk through with all the doors into it. We lived in a tiny apartment in East Melbourne when we first moved to Melb.... love the area, so many beautiful houses and such quiet streets considering its proximity to the city. xx

  2. Love East Melbourne,and would love to live in this house!

  3. This house definitely has a potential. And with all well done modernization it is in need of proper decorating and furnishing.
    Love ground floor with kitchen and mirror wall, though furniture choice and placement is something to think about for new owners.
    Basement and master bathroom obviously renovated by the same designer are crispy nice, but bedroom is plain awful and uninviting with dark broadloom and wall decor, anti-sexy and eclectic not in a good way. Happily there is plenty of space for a designer to turn it into a cosy sanctuary with authentic fireplace.

    Thank you V. for popping in.

  4. I definitely would like to live there if I could refurnish some of it. The architecture is beautiful and must respond well to light during the day. Altogether wonderful.

  5. LOVE the concrete floor! and the rug in the 4th photo....and the lovely combination of finishes x


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