Mar 27, 2013

Would you like to live here? Tranquil ocean, country air, history with a contemporary edge...

Tucked on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula,
just outside Melbourne,
this rather gracious property has a well-considered mix of new and old,
of country and city,
of beach and style. 
See what you think...

I think I may never get out of that bath,
if this were mine. 
Between the view of gorgeous gardens and the luxury of space,
it's all a bit fabulous.

Set on 150 acres, gently kissing the coast of the ocean waters,
Spray Farm would be a sumptuously splendid retreat.

Would you love to live here?

property :: 2275 portalington road, bellarine, victoria


  1. Well, I'd certainly like to take a bath there!!

  2. I would live there in a heartbeat - the muted palette with dark wood tones, the stunning steel windows against the brick and stone. And the view!! Stunning, what a beauty you found for us today! xx

  3. Oh boy. I loved the last place you showed us in Fitzroy.....but now I see I desperately need this house for those times when I feel the need for space and light and sea breezes. Superb.

  4. A-mazing! I be happy with just the bathroom x

  5. Oh, wow...what a stunning home and the bath...fabulous!! I'd never leave...

  6. Love everything about this property except the kitchen. Bathroom is stunning along and with the bookcase in red in otherwise monochromatic palette are my favs.

  7. Nah, I don't think so... ;) heeheehee

  8. Oooh yes, this place radiates tranquility.

  9. OH my, this property is simply divine! *sigh* I can only dream!! Fi xxx

  10. i drive past this place quite a bit and heard it was up for sale. friends of ours are 'thinking' of buying it. i told them they just simple must. i went to a concert there a few summers ago and believe me, the views are far more magical in real life than what shows on these pics. it's a beautiful part of the world and a truly amazing property (too nice to call it a house). perhaps I need to buy a tattslotto ticket and if I win, I will buy it and you can come visit me. sound like a plan???

  11. Ummm yes, I would very much like to live here thanks! It is just gorgeous, a dream. Each room so spacious and I actually like it is quite secluded. I can imagine having a house full of family and friends and having a reallygreat time.
    Thank you for the tease ;) xx


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