Mar 5, 2013

Would you like to live here? :: Modernist lines, a pool and a tropical feel...

If you like clean, symmetrical architecture without fuss 
but with beautiful lines,
a sense of drama
and a distinct tropical influence,
imagine if you may like to live here...

You would?
It's in Woollahra, Sydney on a generous 1100 m2 block,
so there's plenty of room for that pool and those tropical gardens.

And now if I told you the house is designed by Iain Halliday,
of Burley Katon Halliday,
does it make you like it less or more?
It explains the bold colour and dramatic, confident ambience.
(For the benefit of readers outside of Australia,
BKH is a Sydney based architecture practice with a second office in NYC.)

So the question is, 
apart from "would you like to live here?",
does the very act of knowing who designed a house
make a difference 
to how much you would like to live in it?

And does that make it harder to add your own touches?
Or would you just keep it as it is?


  1. I don't know of the designer, but I do love that bold pink.

    1. It's a blast of not-so-seriousness, really, I think!

  2. I had already said yes based on the first photo! :) And I don't know the designer either but unless a house is by a legendary architect, it is your house! Hope that doesn't offend you!!!

    1. Not offended at all! Just curious, and just wondering...

  3. In a heart-beat! I am a huge fan of BKH and have seen a few of these images before but not all. It is soooo lovely to see other parts of this amazing design. Thank you for a wonderful post! x KL

    1. Ah, then you would indeed love to live here!

  4. YES I'd love to live there!


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