Mar 13, 2013

What's for lunch? How about Gozleme with spinach, fetta and beetroot?

My absolutely favourite food store in Melbourne would have to be the Oasis Bakery,
and in fact any spying glance into our pantry cupboards would spot
an embarrassing number of packets of their produce,
like Tasmanian-grown quinoa,
sweet South Australian dried apricots,
halva, dukkah, black turtle beans, rosewater, 
best quality Australian nuts
and the freshest spices. 
It's one of those emporiums where you can spend ages
hunting amongst the rows of shelves discovering new ingredients,
because they stock food from far and wide,
as well as producing their own delicious range of flatbreads,
dips and traditional Lebanese pastries.
And their signature orange-flower-syrup persian doughnuts...truly good but truly bad! 

I mostly come home with some new-to-me ingredient,
then have to work out what to do with it.
The latest discovery is yufka pastry,
sort of a cross between phyllo pastry and a flat unleavened bread.
It's used to make gozleme,
which is basically a folded sandwich which is toasted or grilled.

This stuff is such fun to use - because you can pile any filling in the middle,
fold it up like an envelope and then toast it in a heavy frypan or bake it in the oven.
I have been experimenting with different fillings,
and while the boys prefer a chilli spiced beef and fresh coriander version,
my daughter and I have been munching on something which resembles a cooked salad really.

To make it, just top the unfolded yufka pastry with sliced fresh beetroot, 
crumbled fetta, toasted sesame seeds, 
sliced spinach or rainbow chard,
and drizzle with olive oil & lemon juice.
Fold the pasty up as if you were making an envelope, 
with the flap tucked under.
Toast in an olive oil drizzled pan for a few minutes each side.
It makes a very delicious and very quick lunch,
and if you can't readily find yufka pastry, 
phyllo pastry would work as a substitute,
although there is something completely irresistible about the lightness of the yufka.

Waiter, another order please!! 


  1. Yum! That place sounds so, so good. Where is it? I wouldn't mind some of those doughnuts next time I'm in Melbourne.....! xx

    1. It's at Mureembeena, on North Road - not an illustrious setting at all - but it is like a foodies' paradise once you step through the doors. Marvelous place to stock up with Australian grown produce that is getting harder to find elsewhere. And honestly, everything we have tried has been brilliant quality. x

  2. Sigh. I am beginning to think that I need to make a foodie pilgrammage to Australia...heck, just to your house!! ;) This phrase was the clincher: halva, dukkah, black turtle beans, you have any idea how exotic that sounds in Olde Schoolee France? Very! And this paniniesque treat looks amazing--more food posts from you please!!!?!!!?!


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