Mar 23, 2013

Weekend Thoughts : time for simplicity...

After a very busy weekend last week,
starting with the opening night of Bell Shakespeare's incredibly fabulous Henry IV,
a family dinner for my eldest son's 20th birthday
(which involved cooking lots of Indian curries)
a couple of functions 
and lots of catching up with friends,
I'm chasing a simple weekend this time. 

Breakfast at a favourite cafe, a morning walk on the Tan,
a little bit of time to potter in the kitchen with some baking
and a visit to the MIFGS tomorrow (with my camera of course!)
Because sometimes, 
simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication...

Wishing you a fabulously glamorous weekend,
with smiles and the sophisticated luxury of simple joy,
however you choose to spend it.

images :: greta garbo // roses from my garden // black library // cream dress & cape //
crystal tray in my sitting room // black suit // blue wall // scones from my kitchen 


  1. I have an uncomplicated weekend of basic household chores, backgammon with a good friend, a phone call to my mother and an old friend of my husband's to dinner on Sunday.

    I am intrigued at how restful a dark library is. My old one was dark ivy green but lacked that wonderful doorway of light. Probably a good thing, as direct light isn't good for books.

    Tea and scones in the garden is wonderful, particularly now the heat of summer has diminished.

    1. Your weekend sounds very replenishing Erika - the wonderful elements which make up the richness of life. And yes, I agree that a dark colour in a library suits the mood well. x

  2. Leslie in Portland, Oregon24/3/13 6:38 AM

    Simplicity, some peace and quiet, and a home with a library...bliss! Greetings from the north!!

    1. Yes, I'm in full agreement Leslie - what more does one need? x

  3. Your week sounds very busy! I'm reading blogs and trying to avoid the ironing! x

  4. What's that sound?
    *knock, knock, knock*
    It's me! Knocking on your door for tea and scones. :)
    So very, very happy for you for all of the fun things you are doing. That move was such a good idea...

  5. Simple is good especially if it means a 20-year old son and a family meal with curries. Love Indian food – it's never simple but if well-made, utterly delicious.

  6. Hi there, I was introduced to you by Elizabeth (La Contessa) am loving that light so very much and that picture of the crying child is genius. Funnily enough my favourite pics of the kids are not the cheerful ones

  7. Simply does it - fab images:) Wish you a wonderful weekend sweets,
    PS: Loving that lamp in 2 of the pics - FAB.


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