Mar 14, 2013

Sparkles, sequins, feathers and gowns: ever so enchanting....

In the enchanting world of fashion designer and doll maker Alice Mary Lynch,
there are pretty little creatures who take on more personality than would be thought possible 
by combining gorgeous fabrics, sequins and sparkles with a clever thread and needle.
Because this is a magical world of woodland creatures who prefer fancy clothes,
with neckties and pearl bracelets
to mere birthright feathers and playing in a murky pond...

The UK based doll maker specialised in beading embroidery while working at Christian Dior,
Sonia Rykiel & John Galliano,
but now makes these bespoke glamorous dolls.
They all have such a quintessential English woodland feel to them...

Far too lovely not to have on display,
and far too full of personality to ignore,
I can imagine them all getting together for afternoon tea in a sun-lit garden,
and if you listen very carefully,
you may just hear them ask...
"Some more tea, Alice?"

dolls from alice mary lynch


  1. Oh they are amazing, I'm going off to have a closer look, my head was filled with chums like that when I was young.

  2. What gorgeous creations. I love these quirky characters! x

  3. Oh, how cute they are! Love them!

  4. That mirror in the third picture is incredible.

    The creations are so cute!

  5. Love the bunny in the harlequin suit. xx

  6. Wonderful. Nothing simple about it. And how I loved your idea of their tea party!!

  7. Hi Virginia, I saw these the other day and swooned - so fantastic :) How intricate and delicate are these. Hope you are well sweet and are having an amazing weekend,


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