Mar 19, 2013

Ok Boys, can you all start wearing Double Breasted Suits now please?

As this blog exists to explore and discuss all things of a glamorous nature,
can we please have a little chat about encouraging the boys
to embrace their glamorous selves?
Yes, you're listening?
Because I really do think it's about time that the male of the species
returned to wearing beautiful clothes,
of fabulous cut and fine fabric,
with personality and panache,
and more than an ounce of elegant style.

And perhaps nothing illustrates the point more than a crisply tailored and properly fitted 
double breasted suit.
They set off the figure so deliciously 
(although of course it helps if the figure is fine in the first place I do admit),
but regardless, they create a certain sense of style, of elegance, of taking a pride 
in cutting a dashing figure.

My husband has tentatively added two double breasted suits to his collection,
about which I am delighted.
One in navy striped charcoal grey and one in a dark, green/grey.
Which leads me to another point - which is the importance of the right fabric
to the success of a double breasted suit.
It must be crisp enough to not drag on the shoulders,
but soft enough to create that fabulous drape effect,
to suggest a sense of twirled movement.

So what do you think?
Women's fashion has been returning to glamour for a good few years now.
Isn't it time that the boys ditched the dalliance with sloppy dressing,
and take a little more care with their outfits to create a very aesthetically pleasing view?
Double breasted suits are just the start - elegant dressing is the end game. 
Suavity, I think, should never be out of style...


  1. On a recent work trip to Melbourne’s CBD (Collins Street) I was really taken a surprise by just how sharp the young men were dressed in comparison to the recent maybe, just maybe (fingers crossed) a movement is happening. Sylvia

  2. Ah yes but the Thom Browne style short pant lengths have GOT to go!!!

    1. Leslie in Portland, Oregon21/3/13 11:13 AM

      I second that, Heather! They ruin the line...

  3. I don't like double breasted suits at all, probably because I associate them with the older generation, my dad was never out of his, it was his armour.
    Let me tell you, he struggled on holiday!


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