Mar 18, 2013

Fabulous Front Entrance :: Circular Fanlights and a Gardenesque Atmosphere...

This is an entrance of layered reveals,
full of surprise.
First through an angled path,
side-stepping and twist-stepping through a rather gardenesque style botanica,
to arrive at a wrought iron screened porch door set in a brick arched entrance wall...

Then, turning right on entering the porch
to find this quite extraordinary circular fanlight 
above the entry door.

A further surprise:
perfectly simple clear glazing as a contrast 
to the elaborate lead light which one would expect in a mid Victorian house.

Simplicity amongst the fanciful shapes, if you will.

And finally, one enters the hall with an elaborate herringbone ceiling,
yet the floor is made of simple boards.
That contrast again.
The front entry has become a journey of surprise and delight.

Oh, and the front garden, with verandah on which to sit with cocktail in hand,
isn't a half bad spot from which to admire that botanical loveliness either.

It all makes for a rather fabulous front entrance, don't you think?

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  1. This is gorgeous. As you say - layers revealing themselves as you move through the garden and into the house. Subtle and clever. Really special. RCx

  2. Umm....would love to see the rest!

  3. What an amazing ceiling - love!!


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