Mar 28, 2013

Elegant Entertaining: An Easter Picnic...

The Easter weekend and picnics just seem to go together so easily, 
and it's a style of entertaining where everybody can pitch in 
with a favourite dish to share. 
I'm looking forward to our annual picnic on Easter Sunday,
sometimes held in a leafy park and sometimes at the beach,
depending on the weather.

There will be a roasted pumpkin & goat's cheese tart,
held aloft on flaky phyllo pastry,
a tangy preserved lemon and white bean salad,
smoked trout and bean fritters served with a tahini laced yoghurt dressing
(loosely based on this recipe) and to finish,
a decadent chocolate cake and an old-fashioned ginger sponge with strawberries.
Oh and a few Haigh's chocolate bilbies and eggs may just find their way into the basket too,
having dutifully stood in a very long line stretching into the street at the Hawthorn store yesterday,
to get the absolute yummiest chocolate,
where obviously lots of other people had also left egg hunting till the last minute.
Glad to know it's not just me who is running late this year!

Our picnic won't be quite as large as this one at Versailles in 1902
(with the ladies in very fine style with their crisp white blouses
and the men in rather fabbo hats),
but a picnic is always a delightful style of entertaining,
whether it's for two or twenty two,
because it's such an easy way to add a little glamour to a sunny day. 

Wishing you the most fabulously glamorous Easter weekend,
hopefully with the chance of a little picnic too, should you choose.

images :: tom palumbo // picnic array : pumpkin tart recipe / wicker chair / bean salad /


  1. Picnic would be so great...but not in this weather....

  2. Have a wonderful picnic and a very happy, happy Easter... it does sound super delicious... :) xv


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