Mar 28, 2013

Bush Plates :: hand painted antique plates, inspired by bush flowers...

Inspired by the structured and intricate beauty of bush flowers,
artist Natalie Wilkin sources antique dinner plates of all assortments,
then hand paints bold yet delicate outlines of some of the rather iconic flowers,
to create pieces of exquisite detail.

There are Banksia flowers,
of the kind which inspired May Gibbs to imagine they had personalities of their own.

And bell shaped Blandifordias.

And one of my own favourite flowers, the wattle,
with its fern-like lacy leaves.

Being hand painted (and the plate itself being of a rather respectable age),
they are not suitable for the dishwasher,
but then again, even hand washing would be made a delightful exercise,
when the items are of such beauty as this.

More details about the plates here.

images :: plates // all flowers 


  1. They are beautiful, the top one reminds me of a thistle.

    1. yes it does me too! Another of my all time favourite flowers: the humble but very beautiful Scotch thistle - no wonder I liked it so much without realising why. x

  2. The line work is beautiful. While the simplicity of white is sufficient, I'm curious how they'd look on the uranium oxide coloured plates of the 50s. Would colour add another dimension? Do love the different edges.


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