Jan 8, 2013

Dreaming of Summer Gowns....

As summer is well and truly making her presence felt in Australia this year,
with high temperatures pretty much around the country,
thoughts turn to gracious ways to still look elegant while the mercury rises.
And this collection from Collette Dinnigan, 
in colours from rich raspberry and mango to softest shades of seafoam blue,
has me dreaming of wearing such gowns,
instead of my current uniform of jeans & t shirt as I pack boxes for the move. 

So very elegant, aren't they? 
Ok, enough day dreaming...it's back to those boxes....


  1. Not much fun for you packing in this heat. You will have earned a nice cool cocktail, in a gorgeous dress, at the end of it! x

    1. Oh that has cheered me up no end! What a gorgeous image to savour in my head - right, all fired up now thank you! xx

  2. I love every one of them, oh the stress of packing, still nee home coming up for you, that's so exciting.

  3. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous, impossible to pick only one.
    Watching the news about the horrible fire in Australia, I was worried about my blog friends, hope everything is fine with you.
    Have a wonderful blessed year.

  4. Mel@Georgica Pond10/1/13 1:12 PM

    I was daydreaming about what it would take for me to get a body like that! And it became a nightmare when I realised it would involve a lot of deprivation and exercise. So I'll just enjoy oohing at the pretty dresses.

  5. Oh Virginia , these are just lush, we are freezing over here, so it's divine with a fresh breath of warm air:)
    Hope you are well sweets,


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