Jan 7, 2013

A White Weatherboard by the Beach :: Would you like to live here?

Perhaps it is because in a few days I shall no longer live by the beach,
but this house, tucked at the bottom of the Mornington Peninsula at Sorrento,
with its white simplicity and coastal charm,
and freshly on the market for summer,
has piqued my attention because it captures oh so perfectly that dream of so many:
a laid-back, elegant yet simple beach house.

Would you care for a swim in the pool?
This would be a nice spot for a Pimms I think. 
Or a G & T. Preferably made with Tanqueray No 10: my old favourite. 
An oldie but a goodie. 

I love timber floors in a coastal property - and while tiles can be very practical with little sandy feet,
the timber boards bring in a softness which adds to the warm ambience. 

Limestone is such a natural fit for a beach house too. After all, it's made from seashells,
and in many varieties you can still see the fossilised creatures. 
I especially love the limestone from Western Australia, 
and often use it in my own projects. 

So on a day forecast to be 35 degrees in Melbourne,
the cooling breeze of the Mornington Peninsula is ever so welcome.
And this would be a particularly nice spot to enjoy it. 

Would you love to live here?
As a beach house or a home?


  1. What a lovely classic home! A bit too classic and neutral for my personal taste, but I know my mother would move in, in a heartbeat. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Beautiful. Love the kitchen / family room.
    x KL

  3. It's lovely, and will appeal to so many. Especially at this time of year! Hope your packing and moving goes well. xx

  4. Oh yes, this is my kind of dream pad.

  5. I particularly like the shutter doors in the bath. I have just hijacked that picture for my "one day" files....thanks for the post...k

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond10/1/13 1:09 PM

    Sure would! Lovely. Been dying to get down to the MP for years.

  7. Beautiful! All the best for the move! xx


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