Jan 24, 2013

A New Beginning...

After filling two enormous moving vans with what was clearly too-much-stuff,
packing no less than 150 cartons of also too-much-stuff,
(courtesy of the too-fabulous antique & op shops on the Mornington Peninsula),
we have finally disembarked in what the children are calling our "forever" house.

And it is a house of much charm,
with crystal chandeliers and ceiling roses befitting its Art Nouveau heritage,
when building was more about Arts & Crafts and less about efficiencies. 

And while it will be an ongoing restoration project,
it is these little details, 
like leadlight glass windows fashioned to replicate the pure beauty of the floral form, 
yet stylised as was the vogue in the Edwardian era, 
which give the house such a slowed-time ambience.
It's a reminder to stop and smell the roses: to savour each day as special. 

I carried white lillies in my wedding bouquet, both Asiastic and Oriental,
so Mr G.D. bought a bunch of them to celebrate the house as a new beginning: a new chapter in our lives.
It has been a wonderful journey so far, with many chapters set in cities across Australia,
and of course in London too,
but I rather suspect that this new chapter, set on a busy street in a pretty part of Melbourne,
may yet turn out to be the most fabulous chapter of all. 

Bluey, our blue tabby, spends his days literally watching the traffic. 
Having spent the last 6 years in a woodland estate by the beach,
where a solitary car involved much "who is that I wonder" by all the neighbours,
and 2 years before that in a quiet Adelaide avenue,
he can't get over the ridiculous speed by which these machines travel. 
And when an ambulance went past, all lights flashing, 
he almost fell off the window sill, it was so exciting.

He won't be allowed outside for a full 3 weeks, which involves much 
"But aren't I cute enough to come out there on the balcony with you?" looks through the French doors. 
And when he does venture outside, it will be to a pocket-handkerchief garden,
which will require a little adjustment on his part. 

The wistaria still flowers, right in the middle of summer, 
and is swathed across the balcony in glorious purple and pale green form.

And so, to a new beginning: one of much excitement & the fun of discovering our new neighbourhood.
With cafes to explore and different parks to walk in,
a new house to fall in love with and a new era to research, 
and some glorious projects on my desk which I am very excited about,
it's a fabulous new start to the year. 

all images :: blue fruit


  1. Hello Virginia:
    We are absolutely thrilled for you. The house looks and sounds wonderful. Indeed, would Bluey like to swap places with us?

    We wish you much joy and happiness in your new home and may all that you wish for come true.

    1. Thank you dear Jane and Lance. Well, if you are happy to sit upon the window sill, I think Bluey would be extremely happy to swap places!! x

  2. Virginia, I am so so happy for you. The way you've written make me think this is the beginning of the best part!

  3. HI Virginia - this all looks so great! New places to discover and people to meet. We will all look forward to seeing how you work your magic on your new home. Might give you a few months to get settled in first, though! Enjoy!! Rachel

  4. Your home looks interesting and warm. I see that you have the bar cart all set up and ready to go. ...priorities. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. k

    1. Oh, well spotted Kathy! Yes, having cocktails on the balcony was the inspiration that kept us going as we staggered about unpacking all those boxes! Not quite done yet - hadn't realised just how many books we owned - but almost there. x

  5. Hello Virginia

    You home is beautiful and how exciting for you to be settling in and putting your touches on it and making it your home

    Wishing you the very best of everything


  6. Cheers to new beginnings in the New Year!

  7. Looks and sounds like a wonderful new chapter!

  8. Good luck in your new abode Virginia - I hope you have many years of great happiness and memories there. Look forward to seeing more pics as you get settled in.

  9. Love your new home, hope you are settled in quickly/

  10. Looking lovely and fabulous photos Virginia. I hope your new home brings you much happiness xx

  11. I am THRILLED for you, Virginia - so much character in each of these images. I'm dying to see more!!

  12. Looks pretty WONDERFUL to me!By chance are you near AUBURN road in HAWTHORN??I have a delightfull friend who reminds me of AUDREY HEPBURN on that road.............AND she is a FABULOUS MASSAGE THERAPIST.If you are in need of after unpacking etc!
    LOVE the CAT!3 weeks..............is purrrFECT to let her adjust etc.............

  13. Your new home is beautiful. What a wonderful adventure. Hubs and I are thinking of finding our forever home too!

  14. Your new place looks lovely! Glad to see you back!

  15. Hooray!!! Oh to see some photos of the forever home!!! Yay!!!! :) It looks so lovely, so perfect. Of course I am crazy for the stained glass window, the chandelier, the deep bathtub and gold spouts, very romantic--just like your wonderful Husband and the lilies.

    I am sending you all my best wishes for this new chapter and will look forward to following along as it enfolds...
    Gros Bisous,

  16. Oh Virginia, I adore your new place, new beginnings are always amazing, (and hard I guess:) but exciting nonetheless. I love the cat sitting there waiting patiently. Good luck in your new place, looks like it will bring you much joy.

  17. I'm taking a sneaky break from sorting through years of 'stuff' prior to our move, and am so inspired by your lovely words and sense of calm thank you Virginia! Your new home looks beautiful and I love that the children are thinking of it as their forever home already. It's such a treat to find a home that hasn't had all the character ripped out of it and you've found something special here. I know you'll make perfect for you and your family. Congratulations...bar cart at the ready! Annie x.

  18. Wishing you a Happy New Home. Look forward to all the new pics of the new house and street.

    Love, life and laughter in London.


  19. It looks gorgeous already!
    Can't wait to see the great beauty that this house will become over the next few years.


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