Dec 1, 2012

Weekend Thoughts :: Time for Sparkles and Magic...

As the glittering month of December beckons,
bringing with it the promise of festivities, sparkles, soirées and laughter, 
there's an air of enchantment in these early-summer nights
and things just seem to be getting a bit more magical...

Wishing you a very sparkling and magical weekend,
full of glamour and enchantment. 

images :: 1/5/10 : underwater love //  sweets in crystal bowl: blue fruit // clover hill sparkling // gold shoes // butterfly lights // nomiki jewelery //


  1. I would die to arrive "in style". I love that car. And those shoes :>)

  2. A lovely blog. Great minds think alike. Check me out.
    The Keeper of the Little Red Diary

  3. Wow! These are stunning!

  4. Summer Christmas can be so festive and glamourous!
    Beautiful underwater shots.Very cheerful post.
    We're in the state of between-ness: bare trees, dark heavy gray sky. brrrr...
    People are going into shopping hiding. Malls are brightly decorated and Crosby already dreaming about White Christmas all over and everyone is anticipating Jingle Bells.
    Have a wonderful weekend Virginia.

  5. It wasn't really glamorous, but it was fun!
    That little dessert looks really yummy x

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond3/12/12 12:19 PM

    Glorious glamorous images as always Virginia, but I can't get past those amazing gold shoes! Must have.


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