Dec 13, 2012

Symmetrical Order + A Glorious Garden :: Would you love to live here?

I guess it's pretty obvious that I am obsessed with good architecture, 
uplifting interiors + gorgeous gardens.
My husband says I don't think about anything else.
(I actually dream a lot of the design details for my own projects, but that's another story.)

So I feel extremely lucky to have happened upon a career which gives me the excuse
to hunt for fabulous examples of beautiful homes, 
just to keep an eye on what is happening in projects other than my own. 
And this rather charming home,
currently for sale in Malvern, Melbourne,
is a marvellous case in point.
But see what you think...

Something enduringly appealing about a vine covered courtyard.
It can be simple or complex in design, 
but as long as there is a sense of enclosure from at least 3 walls,
an interesting floor finish involving texture of some sort,
a table and chair on which to enjoy a glass of wine with friends,
and the verdant coolness of a shady vine, 
then it pretty much sums up the context of "delightful" to my way of thinking. 

At this point I think I can imagine having rather splendiferous cocktail parties in this garden,
with elegantly attired guests gathered on the lawn and perched on the stone rill, 
which is just at a convenient sitting height. 
And if the days grew a little warm, 
as they deliciously are in Melbourne this week,
one could dip one's toe into the swimming pool,
whilst waving one's gin & tonic delicately about. 
(And hopefully not ending up in said pool with now-diluted gin & tonic...)

So what do you think?
Is this a home which appeals, and importantly, 
would you love to live here?

property location :: 4a mayfield ave malvern melbourne


  1. Yea I would:) It is huge place so maybe I should have a cleaning lady to help me!

  2. Love it - the art really gives personality to the space, and you're right, the garden makes it. Laughing that you dream your designs at night - I kind of do the same thing! xx

  3. I must have order everywhere (except my own desk) in order to keep me from being crazy. Neatness, sleekness all required by me. So this place seems wonderful. Yes, I would live there.

  4. I love this house and wish that I lived in it!

  5. Love everything about this house: elegance, splashes of color, art and a great sense of space. The planning, the flow and ambiance. Especially living room with striped angled sectional and how orange box on coffee table centers the whole room.
    But facade looks a bit beheaded without any sign of roof. It's bald like face without eyebrows and hair.
    The courtyard and garden are a delight.
    And YES, I'd love to leave there, it's perfectly balanced.

    1. Well now that's EXACTLY the reason why I love having a blog: to get really interesting feedback like that, especially about the parapet roof. xx

  6. Very elegant garden and love the three sided courtyard, I think that's a great idea. I love the finish on the facade and can't decide if I like the facade itself. I don't dislike it, it's very intriguing! x

    1. Sounds like you are in the same dilemma of deciding whether it works or not to have a parapet roof, but a veranda roof beneath it. I am intrigued by it too, and suspect it may look quite different in reality from the image. xx

  7. Hi Virginia - I love this home, but I think it is a very 'grown up' home if that make sense. Not much madness unless one of course ends up in the pool after one to many G&T's :)) FAB though - I'd live there, and as you know the sunshine and warmth is the tonic one needs when one live in the cold North. (trust me it's freezing here:))
    Happy weekend sweets,

  8. OH so organized and yes, I would live there. The dining room is a favorite with all of the windows and the splash of happy!!

  9. Who is the manufacturer for dining chairs?



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