Dec 5, 2012

Flowers from the Garden, and a thought or two from the wise...

So much loveliness to be found in nature and her flowers,
that it isn't any wonder the finest poets have been inspired to think lofty thoughts of wisdom 
when gazing upon such beauty.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have a garden which proffers up such gifts:
so many that at anytime throughout the year our house is filled with fresh bouquets.
It is luxury indeed.
But even one little flower from the florist, 
or gifted by a friend, 
can have that same power of wisdom and beauty.

And these little flowers are a daily reminder that glamour can be sought, 
and found, 
in such tiny details.

all images :: blue fruit :: flowers from my garden


  1. I really love your photography. Look at how something so simple as daisies can be so beautiful.

    We have the same cameras and lenses (or had until my was stolen in London), and yet my lens doesn't seem to be as good as yours? Or perhaps it's just that you're a superb photographer!

    Always love your garden posts.


  2. I beg to differ Janelle. Your images always look pretty fabulous to me!! xx

  3. Agree Janelle - your photos are always stunning!

    I love these photos, Just beautiful. I couldn't agree more too - fresh flowers or greenery in the house just lift my spirits. Love the photo of the beautiful Delbard rose too. Divine xx

  4. Did you read that study about emotional impact of flowers? Of course, by reading your post and looking at your fabulous arrangements, I realize you know and experience the positive effects of these beauties on the emotional well being.
    Love those quote, too!
    Have a nice day.

  5. It is indeed a luxury!
    Flowers in the garden and the house bring so much pleasure. You have captured these specimens beautifully x

  6. I concur with Janelle and Heidi your photographs are beautiful. There is nothing more satisfying than fresh flowers from your own garden.

  7. Love the daisies - so fresh & pretty!


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