Dec 4, 2012

Christmas Inspiration :: 12 Themes for Glamorous Decorating...

For those readers who are new to Glamour Drops this year, 
and to my older friends who have been reading for a while,
just in case you haven't sorted out your Christmas decorating,
and are in need of some serious inspiration,
I thought it may be quite wonderful to look back at these 12 decorating themes 
prepared last year. 

Each was inspired by the old 12 Days of Christmas ditty,
and I had a lot of fun compiling them. 
They have suggestions for decorating the tree, wrapping presents,
and setting a glamorous table,
each in a very fun manner.

2nd Day : 2 Turtle Doves
3rd Day : 3 French Hens
4th Day : 4 Colly Birds
5th Day : 5 Gold Rings
6th Day : 6 Geese a Laying
7th Day : 7 Swans a Swimming 
9th Day : 9 Ladies Dancing
10th Day : 10 Lords a Leaping
11th Day : 11 Pipers Piping
12th Day : 12 Drummers Drumming 

As for my own theme this year, I am busily putting the final touches on our tree,
much later than I usually do,
but having a lot of merriment in the process. 
It's a tree roughly along the lines of the 12th Day inspiration,
so there's just a little more fairytale magic to go...

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  1. Mel@Georgica Pond4/12/12 7:14 PM

    As yes I remember them well. So beautifully put together and such a joy to read. I'll enjoy looking through them again for more inspiration this season.


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