Dec 12, 2012

All the glamour of Springtime in Paris :: new work by Kerrie Hess...

Inspired by the pastel perfection of Paris in the spring,
Kerrie Hess has just released a limited edition run of signed A3 prints,
each with her signature flourish style,
with glamour dripping from every brush-stroke in swish black and pink. 

I asked her what she was thinking about when she created them,
because they feel as if they are part of a story to me.
And in her own words...

"The inspiration for the collection is Springtime in Paris. (Printemps a Paris.) 
I was also inspired by Billie Holiday's 'April in Paris' 
when the cashmere coats and belted puffer jackets finally get stowed away 
and Paris see's sunshine again! " 

"Paris is beautiful in winter with vin chaud street sellers, 
cashmere on every corner and snow, 
but spring time is perfect for picnic's in the Tuileries gardens 
and an early evening 'monaco' or 'perrier mint' at a terrace cafe.

"This collection was inspired by this time in Paris, 
along with a sense of vintage glamour of the illustrations 
from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar in the 50's..." 

She writes a picture as beautifully as she paints one, don't you think?
In my imagination, I am right there; I can see Paris in the Springtime, all pink blossom and promise.

If you would like to purchase one of these 6 limited edition prints, 
of no more than 20 each,
printed at A3 size, on decadently heavy stock, 
with each numbered and signed,
they are available here, with shipping worldwide.

all images with permission by kerrie hess


  1. Gosh I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog it's amazing! These illustrations are amazing too! I can't wait to see more!

  2. these are gorgeous!.G.x

  3. How beautiful... I love the second last one best! :)


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