Sep 18, 2012

A garden, a pool, shafts of sunlight :: would you like to live here?

The angularity of this house, currently for sale at Hawthorn, Melbourne,
 has been mirrored in the angularity of the garden,
yet both have warmth and softness.
I love this stepping stone path through the lawn - it's a little bit fun.
And it plays with the lines of the house.

The swimming pool joins in the game, 
with stepped corners of different heights and materials.

And the interiors play too - with mezzanines, step-down dens and cosy zones. 
I love this theatrical effect of varying floor & ceiling levels in a house. 
Not always practical - but for those who are able bodied, 
it's a very fun way to bring in some drama to the architecture.
It helps to define "zones" without actually having walls,
and in open plan living, that can be a wonderful thing. 

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 3 chesterfield ave malvern melbourne


  1. I love the landscaping. I normally dislike modern / minimalist / geometric landscaping, but this is beautiful. Those pavers in the first photo are gloriously unsymmetrical!

    In a way, this home reminds me of the house at Heide that John and Sunday Reed built, the second one, not the original pink cottage. It has similar lines and light.


    1. Yes, I know what you mean about the resemblance. Not literally, but a similar feel with all the flooding sunlight reaching far into the house.

  2. Hello Virginia:
    Houses such as this are hugely of interest to us as they represent a style which, generally, is somewhat untypical of either Great Britain or Hungary whilst at the same time catering for a lifestyle which is also, we imagine, very different.

    1. The older I get, the more I realise how much our lifestyle and architecture responds to our very different climate & topography in Australia. Yes, you imagine right : it is a different lifestyle from England (well my version of it anyway) and I bow to your observations on Hungarian life. Our very mild winters, which are neither really cold nor really dark, mean that we have a summer mindset for most of the year. And while many look forward to the different seasons, we do not have the same emphasis on changing seasons as the northern hemisphere, as there is plentiful light even in the very middle of winter. Subsequently, I think we perceive sunlight in architecture quite differently. Fascinating stuff! And I am delighted that you find it so as well.

    2. We are much interested in what you write in response to our comment here, Virginia. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply in depth.

  3. Hmm...not ringing my bell this time. But the conversation between the Hattatts and yourself? Absolutely. If I can ever get you over to Provence you will see how completely adapted to the environment our architecture is. Wonderfully pragmatic and aesthetic at the same time!

  4. I like it - but what I really love is the cozy feel of that living area with the fireplace and that giant painting(s) - so cool.
    Hope you are well Virginia ,

  5. I like it, but would prefer something more classic.

  6. Would I like to live there? Yes I would! Not an extraordinary property perhaps, but stylishly designed and comfortable to actually LIVE in. R

  7. Love the theatrical effect and playfulness of levels variety. Love how seamlessly landscaping "joins the game". This interior design is modern but not sterile as often is the case. Everything is perfectly right. I wish this style was more popular in Canada. Love your taste and choice what to share with your readers Virginia. Thank you.

  8. i am so drawn to light and open spaces lately.
    this house would work just fine for me!!



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