Nov 3, 2011

The price of Progress: demolition of a beautiful garden

The creation of a garden takes time. 
Time for plants to mature, time for edges to soften.
I find it very sad that old gardens are so often completely demolished 
to make way for new buildings, which will require new gardens.
This lovely garden, designed by Eckersley Garden Architecture
is to be demolished along with the Californian bungalow at its heart.
Of course, it's much more challenging to design a new building 
around an existing garden, but it is something which I always 
encourage my own clients to do.
Often, it makes the architecture more exciting, 
because it is wrapped around trees. 
So farewell lovely garden. 
I hope the new one will be just as beautiful, in time. 

images: Eckersley Garden Architecture, Melbourne.


  1. Linda from OEKE3/11/11 11:50 AM

    We only bought our ugly 80's house BECAUSE of the existing hedge of trees out front. Surely the new owners/builders could work around what is already there in this home. Pity. I love green (-:

  2. Really? It must be a gorgeous hedge! But then looking at the images of your house on your blog, it has scrubbed up rather nicely under your designer eye too. Apparently the new home is much larger than this existing one, which is why the garden has to go. Vxx

  3. Rachel Callaghan3/11/11 1:40 PM

    So sad. The scrooge gardener in me hopes that someone has saved and transplanted all the plants?? I can't bear to see gorgeous plants just thrown out!! No doubt there will be a lovely garden put in again, but I bet it won't have half the character of this original. Rx

  4. Hello Rachel. Yes, I hope they will save some of the plants - they are so healthy and luxuriant that it is tragic, as you say, to throw them in a skip. Even if they are transplanted but do not survive, you sort of feel better I think for having tried. Vxx

  5. It is almost wicked to destroy such a beautiful established garden !

  6. Heather in Arles4/11/11 12:10 AM

    Ok, this made me sad. What a beautiful, beautiful mature garden. The new owners must not care a fig for plants...or beauty? 

  7. Joy at Joyfulthings4/11/11 2:43 AM

    oooooh   noooooooo!    I would love to have a garden as beautiful as that.   What a shame.

  8. Hello Nat. Yes, I think "wicked" is definitely not too strong a word! 

  9. Perhaps they just prefer to put their own spin on it? But the new house is much bigger, with very little room left for garden. All back to front, in my humble little opinion...I am flying the flag for small houses and large gardens (but it's a bit lonely waving my flag sometimes!) Vxx

  10. Hello Joy! Well you DO have a beautiful garden - and I think as the caretaker of a beautiful garden (or even just as a garden lover)  it is so hard to see another one pulled asunder. V xx


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