Nov 14, 2011

On the Market: Life-Style by the Beach

Early morning walks in bare feet on warm golden sand,
nibbling vanilla icecream as the sun turns crimson 
over a glistening blue bay at sunset,
then strolling a few streets home to this stylish abode in an inner city suburb.
Sounding like a tempting lifestyle so far?
Tucked around the corner from Elwood beach
is this uber-stylish 2 storey home which is on the market.
It's a blank canvas, 
with white walls, polished timber floors & richly patterned stone finishes.
And a fabulous Eucalyptus & palm filled courtyard.
And the thought strikes me...
one would need a fabulous collection of swimsuits, 
to fully appreciate having a beach 
just around the corner.
Perhaps a floral, romantically inspired one piece.
Or a classic blue & white striped bikini?
 Hmmm....I think I could manage this kind of lifestyle.
Close enough to the city for theatres & art galleries,
large enough for a green courtyard,
stylish enough to be a retreat from the busy world,
and above all, around the corner from the beach.

Would you like to live here?

 Property location: 64a Spray St Elwood, Melbourne
Property images & agents: Kay & Burton
All swimsuits: Sea Folly 2011 Collection

Oh and in other news, Glamour Drops 
is being featured at the Decorating Forum this week. 
You can check out some other fabulous blogs there too.


  1. I am there!  Ha Ha I wish.  Mimi xx

  2. Well if wishes and imagination would get you there Mimi, I will wish for you too! V xx

  3. I love the piano room!!  Interesting furniture and decor pieces throughout.

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  4. it's gorgeous, it would make a great holiday house no doubt

  5. Congratulations on the feature, Virginia! Love this beautiful home, by the way especially its exterior! I want to have an intimate dinner party in this backyard, it's very gorgeous and inviting!

  6. Georgica Pond14/11/11 5:03 PM

    Love that fab backyard with all those wonderful palms and with the gravel, makes a great tropical garden. The house is wonderful, and those cossies, to die for. 

  7. Jane and Lance Hattatt14/11/11 7:22 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    The more we read here, the more appealing it became. Within the last few days it has turned very much colder with night time temperatures well below freezing and although the days are sunny, they are cold. So, the thought of this house, of golden sands, of warm water.......!

  8. Virginia, you make anything sound tempting ... gorgeous post!!

  9. robinsonheather14/11/11 7:42 PM

    Sign me up! :)

  10. The beach I can take or leave but the palm filled courtyard is my cup of tea, I love large windows looking out to any kind of greenery.

  11. And what luxury to have so much space around such a lovely instrument, too, so it should be a joy to play music in such a room. Vxx

  12. Yes indeed - my, that would be luxurious to have a holiday house so close to the city - what fun it would be for people coming in from interstate  or overseas. Best of both worlds. V xx

  13. Hi Jessie. I'll come to your dinner party in the garden - I can just imagine how elegant it would be. V xx

  14. It's a stunner, the back garden isn't it Mel? So simple really, just a few gum trees and lots of palm trees but it looks so dramatic. Vxx

  15. Oh dear, sounds like winter is fast approaching, nay is here, then Jane & Lance? So yes, I see this would seem like some bizarre dream, of warm water and warm sand underfoot. Sending you warm thoughts from our sandy shores. V xx

  16. Thank you Mariana, you are too kind! This made me laugh! V xx

  17. Hello Heather! Mmmm.... I thought you might like this one! V xx

  18. Yes me too, essential to my sanity actually, to have large windows looking out onto greenery. V xx

  19. beautiful pic! ♡
    I follow u, follow me please :)

    My Free Choice

    There is Fornarina fabolous leg jeans Giveaway on my blog I wait u! 

  20. Hey Virginia - OH yeah I could live there - gorgeous indeed (not to mention the ladies in the swimwear)
    Happy monday and congrats on being features on Decorating Forum.

  21. Wow what a stunning home. My family could adjust to that lifestyle lol.
    Virginia we are so excited to be featuring your blog on the Decorating Forum this week. You have such a gorgeous and fun blog to read. 
    Hope to see you over on the forum too:)


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