Nov 7, 2011

If you love Grace Kelly's style, how about a Barbie doll?

The swirling, twirling Paris Dress, 
worn by Grace Kelly in the 1954 film Rear Window, 
has been further immortalised as, you guessed it, 
a Barbie doll.
It's in the limited edition Collectors series & is soon to be released.
I think I want one!
 The original costume sketch by Edith Head 
was auctioned by Christies last year for £8,125.
Her design for what director Alfred Hitchcock simply 
requested as a "black and white evening gown",
had a fitted black bodice & voluminous white chiffon skirt, 
embroidered with sprays of black flowers.
From sketch to reality ~ perhaps one of the most famous 
Grace Kelly images and an often copied dress style,
the Paris Dress epitomises 1950s glamour.
The Barbie Collector Rear Window doll has the pearl choker & earings...
...and even the cross-over black strap sandals as worn in the film.
The Rear Window doll will be released by Mattel next month, 
and is available on pre-order for $34.95. 
To Catch a Thief (1955), with Cary Grant, has also provided 
inspiration for the Barbie Collector series.
Edith Head's design for the blue chiffon gown has been faithfully copied.
Released earlier this year in June,
the To Catch a Thief version sold out very quickly.
Such elegance in this still from the movie. 
What a gown! 

Released last month, the Grace Kelly Romance doll
features a miniature replica of the dress the actress wore 
to the Cannes Film Festival in 1955,
where she was to meet her future husband. 
The Romance doll is $135, but it also comes with a swing coat,
sensational little hat + lots of gorgeous accessories.
This one is a limited edition of 4300 units,
so I figure it will be sold out shortly too.
And why, do you ask, am I looking at Barbie dolls?
Well I am hunting for inspiration for a tree topper for 
our Christmas tree, 
and I figured if we are to have a glamourous tree, 
who was ever more glamorous than Grace Kelly?

edith head's sketch for Paris Dress for Rear Window via Christies;
movie still from Rear Window via TCM
 edith head's sketch for To Catch a Thief;
movie stills from to catch a thief.


  1. Oh my goodness those outfits are amazingly beautiful. They have really stood the test of time and would still look just as gorgeous today.

  2. Rachel Callaghan7/11/11 11:39 AM

    So I'm guessing now is not a good time to tell you about my children playing 'Extreme Barbie' with my ancient old dear, over the weekend? Tying a plastic bag to her, and throwing her off the roof for parachute practice. Quite spectacular, actually. They would be disinherited if they did that to these elegant ladies shown in your post, though, rest assured!! Rx

  3. Yes, wouldn't they just? So what we really need then, is a life size Barbie so we could borrow her clothes to wear them ourselves! Vxx

  4. I agree , she is my absolute favourite actress gorgeous are the dolls and those clothes reproductions...? Amazing!
    It sure sounds like a glamourous tree topper as you call it and a very original one...I would have never thought of it!
    Claudia xo

  5. Oh Rachel, if I weren't laughing so hard at the picture of such an undignified end for poor historical Barbie, I would be outraged....

    As it is, I am still giggling...Vxx 

  6. Hello Claudia. Most years I dress up a Barbie doll as a tree topper, in whatever theme we are going for that year. (Always different!) The poor doll also gets dressed up an elegant witch for Halloween (more Bewitched than scary), so she is, I think, happy to trade in her outfit for something a little more Christmassy come November. Not sure where I am going with the decorations this year yet...too many ideas! Vxx

  7. Those outfits are gorgeous.  I recently got two Grace Kelly books out of the library; one was a biography and the other contained photos of her career and after her marriage, scrapbook memorabilia, etc (her family approved the project).   Such a beautiful woman!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  8. Oh I love Grace Kelly...and would have loved these dolls growing up. The detail is unbelievable...gorgeous!

  9. I think that most of the dolls made after people are creepy
    buy this one is actually real nice and accurate, I like it, I wouldn’t buy it
    but at least it doesn’t give me the creeps. Your blog is awesome by the way and
    I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!


    Culture&Fashion Magic


  10. That's a funny coincidence! Well you would have loved this post then. And yes, she was perhaps the most beautiful & elegant of all the actresses of her day - certainly my favourite. Vxx 

  11. Hi Anna. I couldn't understand the point of dolls when I was a child - they just seemed completely silly - but then I was a bit of a tomboy. However, perhaps if these kind of dolls were around, everything may have been different! 
    And it's interesting that these Grace Kelly ones are marketed by Mattel as adult dolls, not for playing. I reckon you are spot on: it's the unbelievable attention to detail which makes them so wonderful. Vxx

  12. Hello Sara Sara and welcome to Glamour Drops! I wonder if it's not creepy because Grace Kelly was anything but, or because they have done a really good job of creating a miniature which doesn't have that lifeless stare. Food for thought....
    Delighted to have you as a new follower & I will pop over to your own blog to say hello. V xx

  13. I am secretly really adoring when my girls ask if I want to play with Barbies - they have my old ones, and tons of new ones, and I find it fun to see the way the shapes and faces have changed over the past lets say (30) years - and of course the dresses - my ancient ones were far classier :O) Grace takes the cake though - I want her clothes!!

    Have a great week Virginia,

  14. Marsibelmoda7/11/11 8:37 PM

    Le ultime due sono le mie preferite...bellissime!


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