Nov 5, 2011

A Glass Bedroom in the Forest...

Would it be possible not to awake in the sweetest mood,
after sleeping in this charming glass bedroom,
on the edge of a lake on a Finnish island?

Designed as a kit form combination glasshouse + shed,
by architect Ville Hara & designer Linda Bergroth of  Hel Yes! fame,
the Garden Shed is made by Kekkila in Finland.
But his one has been customised by Linda Bergroth,
with a timber floor, solar power & recycled brick steps,
to create her own enchantingly magical bedroom retreat.
Oh, what sweet dreams
would enchant the most peaceful of evenings,
resting & renewing oneself with the balm of nature 
in this glass bedroom in a forest.

Would you dream beautifully?

images: Dezeen
Garden Shed available from Kekkila 


  1. Undercoverdesigner5/11/11 7:29 PM

    Nice concept. Sleeping outdoors without all the hazards of being exposed.

  2. Yes, I definitely dream and sleep like a baby...but I'd wake up like a bear with a sore head. Where the f%$#k are the BLINDS!!!

  3. Heather in Arles5/11/11 8:47 PM

    So beautiful. I love that there is a turntable there as well. A little music, an open door...perfect.

  4. Oh wow! It looks breathtakingly amazing! Have a fabulous end of the week, Kellie xx

  5. Red Roses and Crystal5/11/11 11:59 PM

    How wonderful to sleep under the stars like this! Love it.
    Annie xx

  6. I'd really love that a lot :)
    Claudia xo

  7. Yes indeed, like camping in a clear tent! 

  8. Mel@Georgica Pond7/11/11 10:35 AM

    Very beautiful - although I'm not sure I wouldn't feel a bit vulnerable and exposed - but who's looking out there?

  9. Ah, very good point....'d want to make sure there are no other people on the island then! And hope it wasn't a bright sunny morning too. Vxx

  10. They have solar power, so I guess that's how the turntable goes round. Deliciously sentimental! Vxx

  11. Hi Kellie. Yes, and I bet is as breathtaking on the inside as well as the outside too. Vxx

  12. And with a glass roof, you would be able to see the stars. What a lovely thing! Vxx

  13. Hi Claudia. Yes, it's truly a gorgeous concept. Vxx 

  14. Well I think you would want to own the whole island Mel, so that you knew you would get a bit of privacy. I guess it would kind of ruin the amazing effect of waking up to see the forest if it had blinds. Vxx

  15. renee finberg16/11/11 1:20 PM

    i would love this

  16. absolutely love the glass garden shed, such simplicity!
    x kat


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