Nov 11, 2011

Delectable Duet: Distressed Concrete & Windows

The beauty of distressed concrete is perhaps at its best
when highlighted by natural light, 
streaming in through huge window walls,
as it is in these stunning {but quite different} homes in France.

The natural light softens the concrete, 
revealing a Delectable Duet of contrasts: 
the raw decay & the life-giving light.

images: mires paris


  1. I see space here and lots of it - coming from someone who craves space I love the modern take on it all.

    I think it would only suit a hot climate well as it would give me a dreary feeling in the cooler weather.

    Nice photos Virginia - hope you are well

    Have a lovely day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. robinsonheather11/11/11 8:47 PM

    Hello there! Just back from a few days out so I need to get caught up on your posts. :) 

    The second photo has a lot of the elements that my honey and I have thought about for the house that we would build here if ever we could. Basically, we would build around an old ruin, keeping old stone when we could and contrasting that with beton ciré (as it is called here) and lots of glass looking out on to an olive grove. It is just a pipe dream but we all need dreams, don't we!


  3. Yes I think you are right about the climate Loulou. It would be draughty and cold in winter in an extreme climate. V xx

  4. Just looked up beton cire - is it polished concrete? If so, one of my favourite floor finishes. Also love it for kitchen benches too, but it is always much harder to talk clients into that! Love the idea of building around an old stone ruin....ah, I can see it. Dreams are VERY necessary! V xx

  5. Mary Bergfeld12/11/11 1:08 AM

    This is a lovely home  and the mix of old with new makes it especially appealing. I'm so glad you visited my blog. I hope you'll become a regular visitor. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. robinsonheather12/11/11 8:16 PM

    Yep, it is polished concrete but I put the French term in on purpose--trying to expand your vocabulary little by little for the inevitable tour that I will take you on here in Provence. And I love it for everything--kitchen counters, bathrooms. There are many artisans here from North Africa that are pros at it not to mention tadelakt, which is even MORE gorgeous! 

  7. Your blog is beautiful. I used to be the Melbourne Contributor of Inside Out magazine (and a commercial interior designer in Melbourne) and  still keep an eye out for interesting interiors. If you would ever like to submit photos of your house to them, please let me know and I can pass on an email address. They love houses with character. Best, Karina


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