Nov 10, 2011

Cooking: Chili & Coriander Pesto

Recently become addicted to a very quick to make coriander pesto,
which works beautifully as a salad dressing,
sauce for stir-fry, flavouring for soups,
dolloped on veggies or as a sandwich relish.

Chili & Coriander Pesto
In a food processor, whiz together
2 bunches coriander or cilantro (about 2 cups)
3 spring onions
4 cloves garlic
1/2 cup macadamias or walnuts
2-3 long red chilies, seeds left in if you like it hot
juice of 1 orange.
With the motor running, add 
enough olive oil to make a runny, dollopy consistency
(about 1/2 cup).
I have been experimenting with different nuts
(the original recipe called for pine nuts 
but they are ridiculously expensive in Australia).
So far, macadamias are the favourite, but walnuts were delicious too.
Next, I will try pecans and brazil nuts.
 It's adapted from Donna Hay {original recipe here}
where it is served in a warm roast beef salad.
I made it for my Halloween dinner soiree,
but served the adapted pesto with grilled barramundi ~ delish! 

The pesto is handy to have in the fridge, 
because it is one of those fabulous healthy sauces
which go equally well with Asian & Western foods
when you want to add a little "kick".

The image above is the beef salad pesto on the left,
& on the right tossed through julienne veggies, 
with shaved parmesan,
which we had for lunch on the weekend. 


  1. Thank you for the receipe, I am sitting here drooling!.  Mimi xx

  2. Hello Mimi! Oops, I hope not drooling on the keyboard! Hope you get a chance to make it because it is SO delicious AND healthy. V xx

  3. the white cabbage10/11/11 5:35 PM

    interesting varation for pesto.

    ciao ave

  4. Annie Loveridge10/11/11 6:39 PM

    I have a few bunches of coriander to hand and am going to give this a go tomorrow - it sounds delicious. I make a rocket pesto - rocket in place of basil really - and agree that it is so handy to have in the fridge although never lasts long. This sounds healthier than my parmesan loaded rocket pesto! Annie x.

  5. the idea of rocket pesto. I like rocket anything! It grows almost wild in my veggie garden - keeps reseeding itself which is very thoughtful of it. Shall try that version out. And yes this coriander version is like a super food - not one bad ingredient in it. V xx

  6. just sending my order through Paypal now for you :))  Please deliver I have a bottle chilled for us too

    Pesto is my favourite food in the whole world - now seriously I mean it!!!

    I once took an Australian Food magazine with me half way round the world, sort out this little family owned bakery that was reviewed to have made the best pesto and foccacias in the world.  Well I fronted up with the magazine in hand and told them where I had travelled from to find this little treasure of discovery and I think I made the family's year!  That my friend is how addicted to pesto I was (am)

    Now I need some of yours too x

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  7. So what I need to know then Loulou....was the pesto the best you had ever tasted, and did it live up to expectations? Vxx

  8. robinsonheather12/11/11 9:58 AM

    Lou Lou, you rock! Girl after my own heart!

  9. robinsonheather12/11/11 10:01 AM

    Hooray! Here it is! :) Oh la la, do you think that this healthy alternative will help balance out the effects of my daily cheese intake? Please oh please. This really does sound not only like a superfood but just plain super! I can't wait to give it a go and tomorrow is market day here in Arles, let's hope that I find what I need. Bisous!

  10. Well I am a firm believer that they will, in time, discover that cheese is actually healthy  - just as it has been made for centuries. None of this silly low fat rubbish. And especially if it is countered with chili anything - which this pesto sure is. We like the hot flavour of lots of chili in the pesto, which gives it a real bite. But honestly, there is nothing "bad" in this dish. Every single item is packed with goodness - so yes, eat away to your heart's content and happiness, I reckon!!! V xx

  11. robinsonheather12/11/11 8:20 PM

    Low-fat cheese? I have been living in France too long because that made me cock my head to the side in wonder. Non, non, et non! And we don't eat nearly enough spicy things, as much as I love them. Remi, like many Frenchmen, is spice-adverdsed. But I certainly have seen in my travels that it is used as an important preventative tool--the heat burns out the germs! It works!


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