Nov 16, 2011

Baking: Cinnamon, Walnut & Date Biscuits

After a whirlwind weekend there was no time to bake on Sunday,
and the children have been pointing to the empty biscuit jars in the pantry with a whimpering look.
So last night I whipped up these Cinnamon, Walnut & Date biscuits,
because they are quick, delicious & packed with flavour. 

Mostly walnuts, dates & spices, 
they have just enough flour to hold together,
creating a biscuit which is very moreish.

I found this vintage silver cake stand the other day 
~ which I bought to hold jewelery ~ 
but now I am thinking its dainty filagree 
is the perfect contrast with rustic biscuits.

And the biscuits are just the perfect thing 
to have with a morning cup of tea! 

all images & recipe: blue fruit


  1. Rachel Callaghan16/11/11 10:28 AM

    Yum. New recipe copied and will try at home this weekend! Cheers, Rx

  2. Let me know how it goes Rachel! Glad you like the idea of it. V xx

  3. Annie Loveridge16/11/11 10:42 AM

    You know I'm going to make these. Virginia, if you released a recipe book, I would buy it! They look lovely and I think anything with dates is good for the girls' lunch boxes. Having said that, I bake and freeze a selection for the daily lunch preparation, and the husband manages to infiltrate the stocks! A x.

  4. My goodness, thank you Annie! Yes, my thoughts exactly about the dates - so good for you, and they keep everything moist. Your husband must be the same as mine....sneaks the goodies when nobody is looking!!! V xx

  5. Marsha @ Splenderosa16/11/11 10:54 AM

    Love your photography and styling for this post.   Excellent job, well done!   Now, I may get around to making these little biscuits...that would be an amazing accomplishment for me...I'll let you know...because you've inspired me.   Sending love.....

  6. Thank you Marsha and honestly they are ridiculously easy, so well worth giving them a go. V xx

  7. Yummm - I think I might need to pop over to visit you for a cuppa this morning lol.

  8. Great idea Julie-Ann! And if the distance across Australia is a little too great to make it here by lunch time, sending you virtual biscuits and tea instead!! V xx

  9. winda tiodang16/11/11 11:30 AM

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  10. Well I'm sure they are delicious, but they could taste like cardboard I would never notice with your absolutely gorgeous presentation!  This is all so pretty!!!  Beautiful photography!  I'm so happy to have found your blog.

  11. renee finberg16/11/11 1:20 PM

    i hate when you do these super yummy treats!!!
    i just lost 20lbs.
    and now i want to make them!!!


  12. Oh the cake stand looks gorgeous, I want one!  Those biscuits look yummy.

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  13. Tamra Sanford16/11/11 2:46 PM

    Those look absolutely amazing.  I wish my grocery store was still open bc i would be off to go get the ingredients.  Bookmarking this delicious dish!

    Oh and yes, if i'm ever in your part of Australia we will have to meet up!

  14. Hello Annie and thrilled to welcome you to Glamour Drops! What a lovely thing to say - I got a real giggle out of that. V xx

  15. Oops...sorry Renee. I hang my head in shame....V xx

  16. I was a bit chuffed when I found it - it's amazing how one's person's trash is another one's treasure, isn't it? It was in a charity store, feeling unloved and discarded. But it is feeling loved again now. V xx

  17. Hi Tamra! And next time I am in NYC, the same applies. I wish I had known you this time last year, just before we came over to your gorgeous city for an amazing week of elegance and brilliance. So smitten with the place. Can't wait to go back. V xx

  18. Jane and Lance Hattatt16/11/11 7:21 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Alas, our biscuit tin is permanently empty. Your children would not like staying with us as to 'run up' such delicious looking biscuits as these would be quite beyond us.

  19. YUMMY Virginia - loving your blog and the whole load of eye candy you always present.
    Happy wednesday - may the sun shine on you all.

  20. They look delish Virginia .... and the styling is stunning!
    I also love anything filagree  and it works so well against the beautiful linen.

    Have a gorgeous day stylish gal!

  21. Looks delicious! But that plate is to die for! Gotta have the plate too!

  22. Sounds yummy! I can almost smell the cinnamon! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  23. Looks so yummy! Can't wait to try your recipe!


  24. the white cabbage19/11/11 5:37 PM

    Ciao, I'add this recipe in my personal biscuit collection



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