Nov 2, 2011

Back to Work: but first a Hat or two...

 After a 4 day long weekend, 
it's back to work and more about strong coffee than fashion,
but first, I just have to show you some of the Hat Highlights 
from yesterday's Melbourne Cup.
 From 1950s inspired tailoring to fresh floral wreaths,
it was delightful to see that even the men were sporting stylish hats.
These 3 ladies have me thinking about a vibrant colour scheme 
for Christmas this year. 
Coral, raspberry & lemon with a shot of royal purple. 
Hmm...happy, bright & optimistic.
Plenty of pale and neutral colours were around too - 
and a variety of styles which is fabulous. 
I love this turban style, so elegant in dusky pale rose.
I couldn't go to the Cup this year, 
as it seemed rather mean to leave my daughter & son at home
studying for their exams while I choofed off for some frippery.
Ah, the sacrifices we mothers make, hey? 
But luckily, there is always next year,
at an event which has been held annually since 1861.

And for now, it's back to work with that strong coffee in hand! 

Which is your favourite hat?

All images by photographers Simon Schluter & Angela Wylie
for Fairfax


  1. I'm also loving the tread at the moment for men to wear hats, I think it makes them look very handsome indeed.

  2. Linda from OEKE2/11/11 11:33 AM

    I like the neutral outfit the best - the colour, the skirt, the teeth (so bright).
    But for fav hats - the 1st pic, the black one - so stylish.

    (-: Linda

  3. Annie Loveridge2/11/11 12:13 PM

    Oh what lovely images. I do love the fresh flowers in the 2nd image - she looks so pretty. I also like the turban and the one below with the brightly coloured flowers around it. Looks like fun, but I too watched from home with children! Go the coffee...Annie x.

  4. Yes, doesn't it just? I would adore it if this really does become a long term habit. Vxx

  5. Hello Linda. I love that outfit too - partly because she looks so genuinely happy and relaxed yet still so stylish. Vxx

  6. And a lovely idea to interpret a "hat" as a floral wreath - just gorgeous. Makes me feel better to know you were home too - I shan't sulk so much now! Vxx

  7. Definitely the red one!  I love it!! 

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  8. Georgica Pond2/11/11 7:32 PM

    Love the 50s inspired pink and white outfit, with fabulous hat. And love that she's wearing gloves - the proper way to dress for the races! But I also love the pale pink bagel-like silk hat with the split skirt - sexy and stylish, but still covered. Can't bear all these skimpy little cocktail dresses some girls think pass as race wear! 

  9. robinsonheather2/11/11 8:06 PM

    Now, I am going to lapse into "typical American" mode here for a moment, be warned: "Holy Cow! You Aussies are all totally gorgeous and faboo beyond belief!" Heehee. Ok, back to English: Virginia, this was a stunning Monday morning post (and I know it is Wednesday but you know what I mean). Truly, everyone looks amazing. Better by far than what we see here at the Grand Prix de Paris. I love that everyone is so young! And my choice for over all ensemble would most certainly be the smiling lady in dusty rose. Fantastic, modern, simple. Although, personally, I do love a hat that falls over the eye...

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment over at my blog. How much would I love for you and I to launch a surprise visit on Jane and Lance in Budapest...

  10. Me too Mel! Skimpy dresses, too short and too tight - and nearly always on girls with the kind of figure which should be dressed with a bit more generosity! Oh dear... But at the moment, it seems fashion is all about elegance. Cheers to that! Vxx

  11. Yes, it is a lovely sight. We also have Derby Day (which was last Saturday, and traditionally everybody wears black and white - oh, oh, stunning!) and also Oakes Day, which is today, whereupon only the fillies race and it is known as Ladies Day. So very, very pretty, because the emphasis is on femininity. Millinery is a big thing in Melbourne - astonishing how many milliner's shops there are - bring back hats & gloves for everyday wear, I say! Glad you enjoyed the lovely images. And yes, I'm in for the surprise visit to see Jane & Lance. My goodness, can you imagine? We would never stop talking!! Vxx

  12. robinsonheather3/11/11 7:59 PM

    Oooh, I am going to google for images of these events. We would have such fun at Ladies Day! And you know that I am with you one hundred percent about bringing back hats and gloves for everyday wear. I used to wear hats quite frequently when I was a young thing in NYC. It was a fairly glamorous time and so seemed completely appropriate. Sigh. 

    And truly, if you were even in Europe, I would say let's make it happen for a visit to the Hattats. But that is quite a long way (and an expensive one) to come for a surprise. Oh, but imagine the looks on their faces!


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