Aug 31, 2011

When you only have 2 pennies left in the World...

I spotted this gorgeous sign outside a florist 
at Balwyn North the other day. 
It's an old Chinese proverb.
And thinking just how beautiful lilies are,
and how delicious fresh bread is,
I kinda think there is a fair bit of simple truth in this old wisdom!

1& 2: bluefruit images: Java Bloom florist & Green Goddess lily in client's garden
3: unknown 4: In Search of the Real Captain KK


  1. Hi Miss Virginia

    Yes - mmmmm..... Lilies - they are my favourites (also with a few others) but I love the lilies and orchid family's.
    Big white lilies too.

    I can smell that bread from here - it really conjures up a gorgeous breakfast or lunch together. Aren't you supposed to break bread with friends... or something like that

    have a wonderful day - the birds are singing so loudly here today - it's a happy tune!



  2. Joy at joyfulthings31/8/11 9:35 AM

    Calla lilies are my favourite lily.  And fresh baked bread ?  yum.  That is two cents well spent!

  3. You are absolutely right Loulou - maybe we should change the proverb to "buy a loaf of bread and a lily then share with friends to remember what life is all about". I like that version even better! The birdies must know that spring has sprung - there is an excitement in the air! 

  4. Joy I am still mesmerized by your bear eating the plums comment. Maybe he would like some fresh bread to go with his sunny plums? 

  5. Claudia Lane31/8/11 9:40 AM

    what an inspirational post's (without a doubt) the simple things that make life special :)

    Claudia xo

  6. Yes, completely agree, and isn't it sad that we keep forgetting such wisdom in our quest for more stuff!

  7. Two of my favorite the smell of both!!

  8. Both are simple things in life that make one happy! Very wise words!

  9. I do agree Stargazer lilies are my favorite, well and any kind of fresh bread!

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    Art by Karena

  10. I totally agree with you too Virginia!
    Lilies are my all time favourite flower... especially the white variety... and what better smell is there in the house than from freshly baked bread (and also freshly roasted coffee for me).
    Have a great day.

  11. Karena, what are Stargazer lilies? And what a lovely name - they must be wonderful! 

  12. Oh yes, freshly roasted and ground coffee - that is very hard to beat! I love, love, love that aroma. 

  13. Jane and Lance Hattatt31/8/11 6:34 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Yes, we very much endorse this saying. Fresh flowers are so life enhancing and Lilies are a particular favourite of ours. Perhaps you do this yourself, but we always snip out the stamens of the Lily flowers so that the pollen does not stain the furnishings.

  14. Hello Jane & Lance! Why yes, I do that too - except for the Asiatic lilies because the perfume is so extraordinary that I cannot bear to remove them. 

  15. robinsonheather31/8/11 7:21 PM

    Yes, it looks like Lou Lou beat me too it because my first thought was "and share the joy from both of them". I actually have beautiful white lillies on my table right now--they were a housewarming gift, so I have an extra penny to spend!

  16. renee finberg31/8/11 9:03 PM

    great in theory!!!
    buy...where i live 1 penny wouldn't buy anything.not a 'penny' candy even.if i only had 10 bucks left.....i would buy a loaf of bread and 2 lilys.xxxx

  17. Joy at joyfulthings1/9/11 3:17 AM

    I don't doubt that he would!  I think he might be the same one who dragged my deep fryer off my deck last fall and he might think I am the "food lady".

  18. Laetitia Mayor1/9/11 5:14 AM

    Just love it... and, even though i rarely post stories from others, i just posted it on my blog ( Sweet floral greeting from switzerland :o)


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