Aug 19, 2011

Thoughtful Renovation: Continuing the Old into the New

Repeating elements from the original 1930s bungalow
in this thoughtful extension & renovation in Sydney's Killara, 
has allowed the whole house to assume a quiet beauty
of considered detail.
Painted timber ceilings, simple timber floorboards
& moulding details (to joinery & deep skirting boards)
have created a link between old & new.
Look carefully.
The timber ceiling turns into a timber lined eave outside.
Simple. But very effective.
 It's a steady hand that made the decision
of where to repeat elements and where to leave off.
Just a few of the kitchen cupboards have mouldings,
the remainder are simple planes of timber or marble.

And applied to the whole extension & renovation,
that balance has created a home of calm, considered elegance.
Do you like it?

Killara House. 
Architects: Studio R
Designer: Arnold Lane
Photographer: Trevor Mein


  1. Hi virginia

    I love it - there is so much detail been thought out for this renovation.

    I'm not in love with the mauve inside - though - one can paint it I suppose.

    the dark timber always looks nice against the white - though for me for practicality I love light timber (I'm sick of the dust that shows on dark timber within a day).

    Absolutely love the ceiling - I want to have that in my beach house one day - I really do.

    have  a great Friday lovely lady


  2. Hi Loulou! I was perplexed by your "mauve inside" comment but I think that is just the light reflecting in from the high level clerestory windows, and the subsequent shadow that it has made. The glass is clear, from the external shots, so it must just be playing tricks with the colour and light. 

    I take on board your dark timber comment - and have to agree that high gloss dark timber is a witch at showing dust. A matt finish helps no end, but the gloss finish has a glamour all of its own, that is, if nobody actually lives in it, haha!  

  3. What I love most about this house is the timber ceiling and those wood floors! Not forgetting the gorgeous kitchen especially those luxurious marbled island and backsplash!

  4. Love love the marble island benchtop!!!

  5. Claudia Lane19/8/11 4:52 PM

    Hi Virginia, attention to detail and clever choices have created a wonderful, elegant new home (a delicious and stylish blend of old and new) what a great result! 
    I love it
    Have a great w/endClaudia xo

  6. Jane and Lance Hattatt19/8/11 9:49 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    We wish that we could like this renovation but, sadly, we do not care for it too much. For us, and we should be the first to say that we revel in the traditional, rather too much of the 1930s seems to have been lost and the elements introduced into the kitchen, such as the panelled kitchen cupboards, we find jar with the  ultra sleek island unit and floor to ceiling windows/doors. As other commentators have said we wonder about the practicality of the dark wooden floors and, for our own part, reclaimed wooden floors with rather less uniformity would, in our view have worked better.

  7. renee finberg19/8/11 11:39 PM

    i adore the island. it is exquisite.
    and the floating bookshelves are brilliant!! 

  8. Design Elements Blog19/8/11 11:43 PM

    beautiful home especially the kitchen. Happy weekend to you

  9. stumbled upon your blog.  enjoying your clean lines and simple taste.  i so will be follower.

  10. I really love this house that you have chosen to feature. I particularly love the simple classic styling that hints at tradition whilst remaining very modern. Thank you for providing the source too for more investigating ! x KL

  11. Sash Ewing21/8/11 2:36 PM

    What a gorgeous house Virginia! Love the white timber ceiling and floating bookshelves, beautiful inspiration. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, Sasha x

  12. Mapleandvine22/8/11 9:15 AM

    stunning little house! love the look when lite up at night! 

  13. Kathy@princessannecounty22/8/11 10:44 PM

    I love this home! Both the traditional and modern design elements speak to me. Thank you for sharing it........k

  14. TamraSanford23/8/11 3:47 AM

    There are so many elements I love about this home from the architecture to the interior design.  What I like the most is how the indoor and outdoor space seem to seamlessly overlap.  So lovely!

  15. Love every incy-wincy-teeny-weeny bit of this house Virginia. Not sure about the super low oven (maybe they are height challenged people!!!) but still love it anyhoo. That kitchen, with that panelling, it is a woohoo kitchen for sure. Hope you are well. Talk soon (-:

  16. Fergal Emmanuel17/11/11 11:41 PM

    Enjoying your clean lines and simple taste... I love most about this house is the timber ceiling and those wood floors! Happy weekend to you!


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