Aug 11, 2011

The Sweetness Of Memory

I penned these thoughts the other day 
while commenting on Jane & Lance's 
most deliciously dry Hattat blog.
And then I couldn't get the words out of my mind.
Because memories really are one of the most 
precious gifts of life, don't you think?

Artwork + quote: blue fruit
Vintage ladies: Sparkles & Pretending
Flowers: Saipua


  1. Yes, absolutely agree, beautiful words and sentiment. Perhaps memories are the only thing we take with us when we leave this mortal coil...

  2. What a beautiful thought Mel.

  3. Hello Miss Blue

    I certainly agree - though I love the feeling of absorbing and appreciating all the great moments that occur when they are.

    Living in the moment

    have a lovely day


  4. Ah therein lies the wisdom Loulou! To gain a balance between the two, so that one lives in the moment but also has the company of memories. Now surely that is truly wise! 

  5. Rachel Callaghan11/8/11 3:23 PM

    Oh so true! Words so beautifully assembled. Memories can be gorgeous and full of light and laughter, or they can be what helps us  survive when someone we love has passed away. Lovely thoughts x

  6. Yes, I agree, and you put it so eloquently Rachel. 

  7. robinsonheather11/8/11 7:05 PM

    Is there anything that you can't do, Virginia? Your writing is so amazing, your photography, your design talent and taste...and you have such a great heart to boot!

    I love your thought. I am so proud of my memories and no one can ever take them away from me. It has to be the goal really. To live an interesting life, connecting with friends and loved ones so that you have acquired not objects but wonderful memories at the end.

    I was actually contacted by someone that I haven't heard from since 1992 yesterday on Facebook and the memories that he mentioned were still so real, so's amazing isn't it?


  8. I love that idea Heather, to make good memories the goal in life. Because it sums up everything that is important, just as you put it so beautifully.

    And thank you for the appreciative words, but most of all I love the compliment on the "great heart". I wish I could live up to all the rest of your lovely compliments! 

    How wonderful to reconnect from someone from so long ago - yikes that is 19 years ago! And when the connection still exists, isn't it heart-warming when you can just pick up where you left off, as if the intervening time had only mellowed, but not changed, the friendship. 

  9. yes indeed... but never let them be bigger than you dreams ; )

  10. Annie Loveridge12/8/11 8:14 AM

    I loved this Virginia, thank you. You are so clever with words and images - this one is really lovely. My dad died unexpectedly almost 15 years ago but the memories are just like the 'magic fairy dust' you describe. I love the idea of them providing 'happy company for tomorrow'. What a kind thing to share. Annie x.

  11. robinsonheather12/8/11 7:12 PM

    Perfectly said, Virginia, especially as there isn't that pressure that we apply to the friendships of our youth, that dynamic searching. We are all adults now and assume it! 


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