Aug 18, 2011

Plumes of Perfection: the paper art of the Makerie

 This extraordinary peacock is made from paper.
Crafted carefully by The Makerie
The White Omar is a magnificent bird, 
designed as a shopwindow display 
for a boutique in London.

The white version is a play on this earlier work.
"The Great Omar" is indeed a very fine fellow, too,
having magnificently coloured plumes.
He was made to sit in the window of
Shepherds Bookbinders,
paper merchants in Holborn, London.
All the papers have been sourced from the shop itself.
Most of The Makerie's paper artworks are 
commissioned for shop windows.

I can barely begin to imagine just how many 
hours of painstaking cutting, gluing & arranging
have gone into these plumes of perfection! 

All images: The Makerie


  1. oh wow that is so incredible! to talented

  2. Oh my gosh..what a talent...they are amazing!!

  3. I have so much admiration for the kind of talent it takes to produce  works of art like these.  Very impressive.

  4. I love paper craft and fancy myself as a bit of a talent at it, but this is a whole other stratosphere! Unbelievably beautiful. Imagine the time, skill and patience to make those sculptures! Incredible.

  5. Yes me too, Mel. I'll just go and crawl back into my little box now! I'm seriously outclassed by these professionals! Hope you are enjoying your last days of NYC. 

  6. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous and amazing! I love beautiful and intricate creations like these.  My favorite is the white paper peacock! This is definitely one of my favorite post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Pvedesign.com18/8/11 5:41 PM

    I have a great love for paper, and for artists who use paper as a medium for creating.
    To create such beauty takes great devotion, good cutting tools, and great passion for building and piecing it all together.  Off to look at Makerie's site.
    Thanks for sharing with us such splendid sculptures.

  8. Interesting point about the cutting tools...I hadn't thought of that, but boy, they would need to be razor sharp and fabulous quality wouldn't they? Or else the edges would not have that wonderful crispness. 

  9. I love the white peacock - the tail especially.

    Andrea x

  10. Claudia Lane18/8/11 9:52 PM

    these paper artworks are just fantastic, I've always admired artists that work with paper, these guys are very talented indeed

    Claudia xo

  11. absolutely amazing!  thanks for sharing

  12. Wonderfully exquisite! Great find x

  13. à la parisienne23/8/11 6:07 AM

    These works of art are amazing! I love to see various mediums used in art, and paper is one of my favorites...Maybe because it makes me feel like something I could possibly acquire and accomplish...



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