Aug 10, 2011

On the Market: Thoughtful Marriage of Old & New

A home cleverly planned for family spaces,
with zoned living & bedroom areas,
is up for sale, so let's check it out.
It's certainly not a small house, 
and it's on a deep block, 
so there was an opportunity to work a pool 
into the back garden,
allowing fabulous views onto it from the 
family room and the children's wing. 
See the built in desk near the children's bedrooms?
It has a built in paper-roller crayon storage
The kitchen is literally the centre of the house,
and what a table! 
Downstairs are the living rooms
with those wonderful ceilings.
While upstairs, sitting amongst the treetops,
a parent's zone has a quietly calm ambience.
The marble bath has a quiet ambience too!
Rare to see polished timber floors 
in Australian bathrooms, 
but I do rather love them for their 
grained patterns. 
There is considered blending between original bungalow
and new extension with repeated elements,
like the timber screening.
And extraordinary attention to detail in the joinery design.
The architect John Wardle's thoughtful details 
can be seen everywhere,
but perhaps this screening element is one of his finest.
While providing privacy to the upstairs areas, 
it creates a wonderful textural backdrop to the alfresco garden.

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 6 Fulham Ave, South Yarra, Melbourne
Architect: John Wardle


  1. Kelly Green10/8/11 11:53 AM

    Ah yes, saw this in the real estate bumph/mags in Melbourne! Love what they have done to the back, without compromising the actual look of the original house! KGxx

  2. Yes, I agree, I think the very best outcome is when there is a contrast between, but also a sympathy to, the old and the new. 

  3. oh wow - it's gorgeous!!
    cheryl xox.

  4. Yes please

    I would love to move in and have a Melbourne pad.  (you have found a great house to expose again).
    only 2 hours flight time from brisbane :)

    A little problem though..... :)

    have a happy day



  5. oh well, you know, it could be a weekender then...

  6. wow! so many great features about this house.  the landscaping/outdoor space is really stunning! lovely post. xx

  7. I could very easily move on in to this house.  I'm loving those large windows, marble bath and ,of course, that 13 seater dining table. Wow!

  8. You knew I'd come back for a Wardle home didn't you.
    I remember years ago having a meeting in Russell Street in the city and the client I was seeing had offices just next door to John Wardle's office. I was peeking and straining so much to see into their office I STILL have a kink in my neck now, 10 years later. Hahahahaha
    Lovely home - fantastic ceiling (and I do love that rug) - great find (-:

  9. Oh you counted up the dining chairs too Kellie! I had to, because the table looked so impossibly large. What fabulous dinner parties they could have. 

  10. Gotta lure you back somehow Linda! Years ago, when I worked at Hassell architects, we conjuncted with Wardle on a project and it was fabulous. 

  11. what a great home - love the bathroom and those ceilings. And who wouldn't want outdoor space as beautiful as that? :)

  12. Claire M Neville10/8/11 6:18 PM

    Our architect showed us the second to last photo above as inspiration for screening part of the original house when we do the extension. Really like it

  13. What an amazing coincidence Claire! 

  14. a marriage of old and new sounds like a solid and loving one- so yes i do ; )

  15. What a beautiful home- I would love to live here : )

  16. Hi Demie, and welcome as a new follower! Yes I have to agree, it does sound like a good recipe for marriage too! 

  17. Would definitely love to live here! What a  place! I'm really liking the backyard/pool area. Thanks for sharing..

  18. TamraSanford11/8/11 1:56 AM

    Ohhh I love it!! Love the hybrid of old and new.  The layout is so open and I could live in that backyard alone.  Nice find!


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