Aug 3, 2011

On The Market: Botanical Views in a City Cottage

  Ok, this elegant little cottage has got my attention.
Wrought iron lace, 
classy grey + white colour scheme;
simple perfection.
But let's take a look inside.
Because it might just not be what we imagined...
Is "stunning" too strong a word?
On a tiny little plot,
they have managed to create a botanical vista
from every spot.

Very artful.

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 158 Stokes St, Pt Melbourne
Architect: Matt Gibson
Agent & images: Cayzer


  1. Annie Loveridge3/8/11 11:50 AM

    Oh I absolutely would. Don't know where the kids would go but isn't it beautifully done? Melbourne has some very clever architecture and design doesn't it? Who would have thought from the facade - the clever design makes it seem so much more spacious.

  2. Haha! Yes there is that slight problem...although it does have 3 bedrooms so it more spacious than it looks from the front, as you say. And the interesting thing about Victorian era architecture is how large the bedrooms were...which fascinates me. But then I guess they had multiple children in each of the bedrooms - can you imagine! 

  3. Wow! I am pretty sure "stunning" is not strong enough. What a place!

  4. Stunning is not too strong a word - although I am glad you used it as I am speechless currently.

    I seriously am gob-smacked with the images and the whole execution

    love it, love it, love it!



  5. Oh goodie, glad it's not just me then who is enchanted! 

  6. Gob-smacked - woohoo - I haven't heard that expression in a LONG time but it is absolutely perfect for this house Loulou! 

  7. It has gorgeous street appeal and it is amazing how they have maximised the living space beyond - every inch of it....brilliant! Ax

  8. Jane and Lance Hattatt3/8/11 5:39 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    A magic box indeed. As you say, who could possibly have thought from the outside that the interior would be as spacious, light and airy as it clearly is.

    This is a very clever use of space. In what appears to be a very small plot, maximum opportunity has been taken to provide wonderfully flexible accommodation and a feeling of green space wherever one looks. Artful!

  9. I'm a traditionalist at heart, but boy would I live here. Lovely, traditional and charming from the front, but wow what an impact inside. So cleverly designed. It's like a tardis! Love all your lovely summery cossies, can't wait for summer now that today was so warm in Sydney. I love those pool houses and as we are building one on our pool it was great inspiration. I think those lovely white weatherboard pics are from an Avalon company who build backyard cabins and the owner has a beautiful Hamptons inspired home which I drool over whenever I drive past! 

  10. Stunning it is! One of the most beautiful interiors I've ever seen and totally would love to live there. A bit far for a weekend cottage, I'm afraid.

  11. Julie Paterson3/8/11 8:44 PM

    what an amazing house....i so love old houses & couldn't believe the pics inside - what a gorgeous transformation..

  12. Ephemerette3/8/11 9:26 PM

    I die - stunning is absolutely the right word for this place.

  13. I'd move in right now! Stunning and also so serene!

  14. Giulia Malacrida4/8/11 7:20 AM

    check out my blog please xx
    Juls xx

  15. TamraSanford4/8/11 8:09 AM

    WOW, talk about not judging a book by its cover.  I would have never imagined that little quaint cottage in the first picture was that stunning on the inside.  Absolutely amazing!!  I need to see a floorplan.

  16. Claire M Neville6/8/11 2:14 PM


  17. WOW! I love wooden floors and the small details you show here. Lovely!


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