Aug 1, 2011

Floral inspired: A Riot of Colour....

Starting the week with a glorious burst of colour! 
There's nothing like punchy brights to raise a sparkly smile.
(From Alannah Hill's spring-summer lookbook.) 

These amazing cuffs & bracelets are from 
Spanish Sisters in London.

Ooh...a mulberry velvet riding jacket?
Yes please! 
Saturated tones in flowers by the 
clever Cecilia Fox

 Now if you snapped this lustrous cuff 
on your wrist in the morning, 
the day would have to be a bright & happy one, 
don't you think?

Clothes:Alannah Hill
Flowers: Cecilia Fox


  1. Annie Loveridge1/8/11 12:16 PM

    What gorgeous images - thank you! Love that riding jacket;  I am off to the rugby this Saturday and that jacket would be perfect. It would be perfect amidst a sea of black! Love the dress too (but not for the rugby)! Annie x.

  2. What a fun post, I love the pic of the little white dresser with the flowers on top. There are so many amazing floral prints out right now. I really like them all. Great post

  3. Hello

    Tick, Tick and tick again (though I don't love the dresses - might have to cross that one for me)

    but I adore!

    lovely bursts of colour and could take one of the cuffs on my wrist too please

    have a lovely day


  4. Hi Annie, a mulberry riding jacket at the rugby - now that would be a sight for sore eyes! Yep, so nice to see some colour amongst our usual sea of black. 

  5. Hi Dale, there certainly seems to be a trend for florals, I agree. But I love flowers year in, year out, in fashion or not. Just love the variety of shapes and colours. 

  6. Hi Loulou, really? You don't like the dresses? Well I guess they are pretty out there! Bright and "look at me" for sure! 

  7. Spring is definitely almost sprung in these parts and these lovely floral images have catapulted me into the garden!
    I just adore the jewellery from Spanish & Sisters also...lovely! 

  8. Ah you are lucky because you are a step ahead of us down South! But yes, I noticed today there was a spring scent in the air...wattles flowering, jonquils and daffodils everywhere and that different feel to the air that has the promise of spring to come...Mmmm! 

  9. Maison Marigold1/8/11 4:59 PM

    Beautiful post..those jewelled cuffs are gorgeous..have a lovely day, Virginia! .. xx meenal

  10. Hello Meenal! I thought you may like their bejewelled colours - right down your street! 

  11. Claudia Lane1/8/11 5:14 PM

    wow, this is so inspirational Virginia, I love the bright colours and all the images...just beautiful!
    Have a great week
    Claudia xo

  12. TamraSanford1/8/11 11:47 PM

    Gorgeous, the flowers in your first image are so rich and dramatic.  Love them.

  13. Pretty post!  These jewelries are so unique and fabulous!


  14. SizzleandZoom cruisinoversixty2/8/11 8:47 AM

    Gorgeous blog! Just found it.

  15. Julie Paterson2/8/11 9:15 PM

    ahhh.....those flowers r just

  16. Lovely post. The flowers and bejewelled cuffs work so well with the Alannah Hill pics.

    I'm a  bit of an Alannah Hill fan. I actually have the red cloche in the first pic and also the red heart stockings.I love the velvet blazer. It was on my wish list for a long time. If it gets further reduced, I'm going to have a hard time picking between the lovely mulberry or the navy one. In fact, I even get my Alannah Hill sent to me in Newcastle from my favourite Alannah Hill manager all the way down in Melbourne!

    Sandy K


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