Aug 16, 2011

Finding Lovely Things When you are Not Looking...

I was hunting for recipe inspiration for dinner last night, 
using some beautiful fish fillets that I had got from the market,
when I came across the most delightful food blog, roost.
But I got seriously distracted from my recipe search,
by Coco's own home
which she posted on her beautifully imaged blog. 
No surprise that Coco is a graphic designer, 
because there are beautifully composed vignettes everywhere.
And while I didn't find any fish recipes,
there were lots of other delicious sounding ones to try.
And this gorgeous home to enjoy.
Which just goes to show, 
you sometimes 
find the most beautiful things 
when you aren't looking. 

images: roost


  1. What a lovely home! This home looks very casual, relaxed and cozy. That kitchen and living room are my favorites. Good find!

  2. Jacquelinemumford16/8/11 10:46 AM

    This is my kind of home and so much inspiration. ........ mind you, I kept thinking of your lovely fish fillets and what you were going to do with them !!!! What DID  you do with them ?!!
    Thanks so much for your comment today. My post wasn't quite so sophisticated as yours was it !! haha.  XXXX

  3. oh my goodness thank you so much for sharing - this is quite possibly the most delightful and delicious looking blog... there goes the rest of my morning!! can't wait to get cooking :)

  4. Yes and I didn't expect to find such lovely interior design on a cooking blog! 

  5. Oh, yes I got so sidetracked that I forgot to mention the fish fillets. I pan fried them in a little avocado oil, then splashed them with freshly squeezed orange juice and chopped coriander. And served them with a family favourite salad of coriander, cabbage, grated carrot, peanuts, fish sauce, fresh chilli and sesame oil. It was yummy! 

  6. kate I reckon it is possibly the prettiest food blog out there...although I do love "what katie ate"...but this is all cook-right-now food... my very favourite kind!

  7. Oh my - aren't they just absolutely beautiful photos.

    I can understand why you go sidetracked.

    I love white and timber, cane etc with those splashes of seafoam and coral tones coming through - so peaceful.

    Luurrvve the books, love the vintage fan, love the message cushions. (love the blue kettle!)

    But do know what - I have to keep reminding myself - these are photos of people with the best photo out of many selections, presenting to us and they can not possibly have everything so neat and tidy 24/7.

    have a great day



  8. Yes, good point Loulou! And without remembering that, we would all feel absolutely inadequate about living theses "perfect lives" wouldn't we? 

    My house mostly looks like a small firestorm just erupted...with 3 kids, a magpie for a husband (aka he won't throw anything away), a hoity-toity cat and a very opinionated Rainbow Lorrikeet, there is generally chaos strewn everywhere..and that is just how I like it! 

  9. Mtdaysandnights16/8/11 4:06 PM

    I like those pillows!

  10. robinsonheather16/8/11 6:51 PM

    "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might get what you need!"

    Well, I am crazy for this home. I had just said to Remi last night if I was able to start all over from scratch--it would be time for white! 

    But now I HAVE to make your salad. One question: what kind of cabbage? Purple? Green? Chinese? That sounds amazing! This Summer I have been obsessed with one that I copied from one of my favorite restaurants in Avignon:
    purple cabbage, petite pois (snap peas), apple, tomato, with a vinagrette that is similar to yours--soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice and coriander. Yum! :)

  11. robinsonheather16/8/11 7:02 PM

    PS. I just signed up to be a follower of Roost--holy cow! I love it! Makes me want to raise the bar on my own blog...

  12. Heather it is the BEST salad because you can use any type of cabbage - last night was a Savoy but I often use Chinese cabbage too. It was a salad that we used to have for breakfast when we lived in Darwin (in the tropical part of Australia) and it was refreshing even when the weather was steamy. As long as you use chopped peanuts, coriander, fish sauce, sesame oil and chili, you can then add any vegetables you have to hand. Cucumber, petite pois, carrots. And sometimes I add a squeeze of lime juice + a little brown sugar too. 

    But I'm going to try your version because that sounds delicious too! 

  13. What beautiful house, so chic, comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Lovely mix of styles too. Mel from NYC.

  14. Mel I have been following your hilarious adventures in NYC. To say I am jealous would be a tad of an understatement....

  15. It looks amazing, love the kitchen and little work area especially. 

  16. robinsonheather17/8/11 8:18 PM

    Oh yay! I just don't have peanuts and sesame oil so will get those as I have to head out to get more Perrier (it is hot as hades here). I am a sucker for anything sweet and salty.
    PS. I forgot a very, very important ingredient for mine: shaved parmesan on top! :)


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