Aug 4, 2011

Delectable Duet: flowers + chocolate

Some things in life just go together. 
Peaches + Icecream.
Navy Blue + Emerald Green.
Gin + Tonic.
And one of the best combinations 
would have to be Flowers + Chocolate.
I made this impossibly delicious chocolate fudge
for a dinner party on the weekend, 
and placed it on a vintage glass cake stand,
with some everlasting daisies, 
white camellias & snowdrops.
All tucked into 
an antique silver sugar bowl.
The recipe for the fudge is ridiculously easy,
and can be varied with dark or milk chocolate, 
depending on what you have & what you like. 
Only trouble is, it doesn't last very long in our house.
The little flowers are Western Australian paper daisies,
and can be dried 
for an all-year-round burst 
of prettiness.
Somebody forgot to tell my 5 year plant 
that it is supposed to be an annual, 
because it is getting better each year! 

Their crisp whiteness is such a 
dramatic contrast with 
the chocolate.
Truly a delectable duet! 

Images + recipe: blue fruit


  1. katelewisart4/8/11 10:55 AM

    omg! what a wonderful combo. that chocolate looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Claudia Lane4/8/11 11:14 AM

    Virginia your styling is divine...I just want to eat the fudge and own a glass cake stand and an antique sugar bowl just like yours! Lovely...
    Claudia xo

  3. Yum yum and yum!!!!

  4. Hi Kate! And it tastes just as good as it looks too! 

  5. Why thank you Claudia! 

  6. Hi BL! Yes, trouble is, it's a bit hard to eat just ONE piece....

  7. Annie Loveridge4/8/11 12:11 PM

    I am not a huge sweet tooth - love my savoury food though - but that looks so delicious. Perfect, as you say, for a dinner party. We have a big family luncheon at our home the following weekend and I shall definitely be making the fudge. Thank you, Annie x.

  8. Kate Shore4/8/11 12:32 PM

    oh my goodness this looks so yum! definitely going on my list of things to make!

  9. Hi Annie, then I would suggest making it with more dark chocolate and less of the milk, so it isn't as sweet. You can also add nuts or dried tangy berries too. 

  10. Hi Kate! Let me know when you have made it because I would love to know how you go! I can't believe how easy the recipe is, but everybody thinks it must have been terribly complicated because it tastes SO smooth. Haha! My kind of cooking! 

  11. Mapleandvine4/8/11 1:26 PM

    oh my. this looks like trouble for me- i keep finding yummy sweets recipes. thanks for posting this- i am def going to try it out!!

  12. Oh my!  What a beautiful and delicious blog you have!  I think that chocolate and flowers are a delightful combination and I promise not to eat the blossoms.  However, that chocolate calls my name in several languages!  Bises, Genie

  13. Hi Margaret! OOps, I'm sorry that this fudge is trouble! But it IS good! 

  14. What a heavenly combination! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  15. the white cabbage4/8/11 3:33 PM

    lovely !  but what about the recipe ? it soun you don't ds good ...and easy ......if  you don't mind ...leave it on my blog .

    hav a nice day


  16. Jane and Lance Hattatt4/8/11 5:17 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    How absolutely delicious and how beautifully you presented the chocolate fudge. A winning combintion, in our book too, of flowers and fudge, particularly white flowers.

  17. Thank you Jane & Lance! Yes, something magic about white flowers isn't there? I love flowers in every colour of the rainbow, but white ones are somehow more quiet. 

  18. robinsonheather4/8/11 5:48 PM

    Ooh, Virginia I am not even going to let myself try this!!
    Gorgeous photos too. :)


  19. Heather you must be as bad with willpower and chocolate as I am!!!

  20. Annie Loveridge4/8/11 7:39 PM

    Thanks Virginia - that's how I'll do sweet tooth but I do love dark chocolate! Will let you know how it goes x.

  21. TamraSanford5/8/11 12:50 AM

    Chocolate and flowers fill my happy place.  Thanks for the delish recipe!

  22. That fudge looks absolutely divine....and it would definitely not stand a chance at my house either!! I love that antique silver bowl, too, it's gorgeous. I just became your 200th follower! Congrats and commence happy dance! (c:

  23. Hi Aubrey and welcome to the glamour drops blog! How exciting to have reached the 200 followers milestone! Thank you for following and your lovely comment about the silver bowl. I found it last weekend in an antique shop while I was hunting for furniture for my clients, and couldn't resist buying it. Anything that has stood the test of time since the 1890s could tell a tale or two about the tea parties it has attended! 

  24. Oh, God! I love chocolate and flowers,  fantastic decor.
    Those chocolates look delicious.
    Sorry about my images, now I posted all over again and checked with my sister, now she says it's ok.
    Have a nice Friday.

  25. Hi Tereza! Oh brilliant, I will pop back over to have another go because I was loving what I could see, so am keen to see the rest. 

  26. Virginia, thank you for your absolutely lovely comments on my blog, I was sure you'd like Thomas O'Brien's images, he is perfect in my opinion.

  27. Sarah Klassen7/8/11 4:11 PM

    Oh my goodness, this is heaven! So much so—I am definitely going to print this off... it is my Birthday tomorrow and I might just have to treat myself to these I think :)

  28. The perfect birthday treat Sarah! Hope you have a lovely, lovely day.

  29. Julie Paterson9/8/11 12:25 PM

    yum, yum, yum.....chocolate & blooms - 2 of my favorite things.....thanks for sharing that delicious recipe. xxx


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