Aug 9, 2011

Creative Closets: Clever Thinking!

Always admire ideas which use materials 
in unexpected ways...
like creating a closet from wrought iron lace.
Or from brass plumbing pipes to 
create a robe with pizazz!
Inspired by chop sticks, 
this wardrobe is called, umm..."chopsticks"!
With a beautiful little detail at the 
rail and post junction. 
And perhaps the simplest of all,
a beautiful piece of driftwood, 
which was all the clever Belinda needed to create 
a fabulous wardrobe rail for her baby daughter.
And aren't all of these SO much nicer
than a chrome rail?
Somebody put some thought & personality into each,
so the result has a little humour attached. 

And that's got to be a good thing, right?

3/4: Andreas Saxer  5/6: Happy Home 


  1. Aww...these are so cute. I would definitely do this for my kids cute clothes, whenever I have kids in the future. hehe
    Nice post, thanks for sharing


  2. Claudia Lane9/8/11 10:39 AM

    I love creative closets...the "chopsticks" robe is very cool but the brass plumbing pipes robe is definitely my fav!

    Claudia xo

  3. TamraSanford9/8/11 10:55 AM

    Super cute and super innovative ideas!! I love the tree branch idea for a childs nursery!!  Great finds!

  4. What clever ideas, and I adore the piece of driftwood for the children's it the driftwood or the precious clothes...

  5. I love it!

    What great concepts

    I think the first one with the wrought iron lace is one to keep your clothes on show.

    a really nice comparison and showing me how I can hang my my clothes differently.
    (PS that reminds me I found my scarf railing in my walk-in robe fallen off the wall, so consequntlialy all my scarves now are on the floor waiting for me to gather them up again!)

    have a great day


  6. I found a beautiful branch in the garden on the weekend Dale, and I have been wondering if I could use it to hang my (too many) handbags! Then, when I saw this I thought it may just be the trick. So yep, cute for kid's clothes but I reckon it would be super for any clothes...or handbags! 

  7. I love that one too Claudia! So many different sizes and shapes could be made from the pipes...bit like a giant Meccano set for grown-ups! 

  8. Amazing what a little imagination can turn out, isn't it? Sort of symbolic, a growing tree branch for a growing child...

  9. Haha! Then perhaps you can hang your scarves on a lovely bit of branch, or wrought iron...yes, the wrought iron version would certainly need pretty clothes to do it respect and justice. 

  10. Julie Paterson9/8/11 12:27 PM

    wow - that iron lace looks amazing.....but the driftwood has definitely stolen my heart......(thanks for dropping by my blog)....x julie - rubyblooms

  11. Fun Ideas and I need a lot of hanging space!!


    Art by Karena

  12. Loving the wooden branch - soo stylish and simple. Hope you are having a lovely week sweets,

  13. robinsonheather9/8/11 7:32 PM

    So much better than a cheapie from Ikea! 

  14. Oh YEAH!!!! That made me chuckle Heather! 

  15. I really like the first closet - beautiful! but my favorite is the branch - thanks for sharing it because I went on to your link to see the full nursery and what a treat! I have nurseries on my mind since my daughter is having a little girl (first one!) next month and hers was such a darling one. That branch is adorable - how clever! 

  16. Mapleandvine10/8/11 9:37 AM

    ooo i love the branch. how cute is that!


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